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About UXPA: Contact Us

UXPA Contact Information

Please use the following contacts for more information about UXPA, usability or our organisation. UXPA headquarters will respond to any inquiry within two US business days.

Your Membership

Elizabeth Kasper Goins, Director of Member Services
Email: member_services at uxpa.org
Phone: +1-630-980-4997
Fax: +1-630-351-8490

General Information

UXPA Office
info at uxpa.org
Phone: +1-630-980-4997
Fax: +1-630-351-8490

  • Questions about the association
  • Jobs postings
  • Mailing list rentals

Press Information

John E. Kasper, Executive Director

Email: executive-director at uxpa.org
Phone: +1-630-980-4997

UXPA Exhibits & Sponsorships

Nicole A. Tafoya, Director of Vendor Relations
Email: office at uxpa.org
Phone: +1-630-980-4997
Fax: +1-630-351-8490

UXPA Publications

Nicole A. Tafoya, Publications Manager
Email: publications2012 at uxpa.org
Phone: +1-630-980-4997
Fax: +1-630-351-8490

UXPA Projects and Committees

UXPA's activities and volunteer projects are managed by the Board of Directors

UXPA Web Site

Email: webmaster at usabilityprofessionals.org

  • Problem reports, words of praise or dead links

General Feedback

Do you have ideas, comments, or suggestions for UXPA?
Drop them here!

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