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Children and Technology ... User Experience (UX) Magazine 11.1

(Bloomingdale, IL: February 2011) – Children today encounter technology early in their lives and embrace it easily. However, kids use technology in unexpected ways and communicate their expectations and frustrations differently from adults. This issue of User Experience (UX) Magazine, the trade magazine of the Usability Professionals’ Association, examines usability approaches to working with children, explores how children interact with technology, and lays out guidelines for usability testing with children.


This special issue of UX focuses on children and technology, including:

  • Gathering requirements from and co-designing with children
  • Design guidelines for adolescent social networking
  • Legalities around testing by children, including international perspectives
  • How a child understands the Web
  • How to design multiplayer games for young people
  • Guidelines for designing educational software for children with ADHD
  • An interview with Yves Bèhar, designer of the One Laptop Per Child PC

Also included are a reminder that half of the children in the world do not have access to technology and guidelines for including marginalized populations in creating usable and meaningful technology.


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For printed copies of the magazine or for PDFs of individual articles, please contact Nicole Tafoya at ntafoya@solutions-for-assoc.com.

The Usability Professionals' Association is an international, non-profit, professional association with more than 2000 members in the US and 35 other countries. Members are specialists in evaluating and designing products that are easy to learn and use. The organization provides its members with a wide variety of professional services. Through outreach the UPA:

  • Shares information about the skills and approach of usability professionals in meeting needs for usable products.
  • Acts as an advocate for usability in consumer, corporate and governmental software, products and web sites.
  • Educates the general public about the usability.

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