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Board Meeting Minutes 2007

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Winter Board Meeting

  • The UPA Treasurer's report noted that a strong 2006 UPA Annual Conference and excellent control on spending produced a net income of $53,252 in fiscal year 2006.
  • The stated goals of the 2008 UPA Annual Conference are:
    • Explore new faces of usability
    • Better define the reach, the place, and the value of usability
    • Broaden the traditional views of usability
    • Gain better understanding of the new challenges facing our "mainstream" profession
  • The working theme for the 2008 Conference is "Experiencing Holistic Usability"
  • UPA's association management contract with Solutions for Associations (SFA) was extended for two years.
  • In 2006, UPA ten new Chapters were added. The goal for 2007 is to add five new Chapters.
  • The first year of the Journal of Usability Studies (JUS), included 4 issues from November of 2005 to October of 2006
  • UPA’s membership is growing. Membership was 1,700 in 2002, and 2,244 in 2006.
  • World Usability Day 2006 was highly successful, with 225 events in 175 cities on six continents. Over 10,000 volunteers were involved, and over 40,000 people participated in events.


  • The 2008 Annual Conference has been contracted with the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. The dates are from June 13 through June 20, 2008. The Board meeting dates are scheduled for June 14-15, 2007 with the UPA Annual Conference running from June 16-20, 2008.


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