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UXPA 2013 - Call for Regional Director Nominations

Dear UXPA International/Chapter Member, 


Represent your region of the UXPA at the International level! UXPA is seeking nominations for four Regional Director positions to represent our international chapters and members. Voting will be open to all local UXPA Chapter members and all UXPA International members to ensure quality representation from each region. 


Please submit nominations for these Regional Director roles: 

  • Asia (Including India and Pakistan)
  •  Europe 
  •  Latin America (Mexico, Central America and South America) 
  •  North America (Canada and The United States of America) 

Regional Director Responsibilities:

  •  These are one year terms for calendar year 2013. 
  •  Nominees must be members of UXPA International.
  •  Nominees must have previous experience as a leader in a UXPA Chapter.  Similar experience with related organizations will be considered. 
  •  Nominees must have their primary residence in the region they are being nominated. 
  •  Regional Directors responsibilities are to: 

           - represent the interests of members of local chapters and members of UXPA International 
            - represent UXPA in the region
            - collaborate with the UXPA Board of Directors and other Regional Directors

Regional Directors are expected to contribute about 5 hours per month to UXPA activities, including quarterly conference calls. 

Interested candidates will be able to discuss their interest with a member of the Elections Committee before committing to being on the ballot. They will also receive a full description of the Regional Director position. Current Regional Directors may be nominated for this elected term. 


Nominations are due by 11:59pm ET on December 18, 2012. 

If you are interested in running, or would like to nominate someone for a Regional Director position please send the following information to elections2012@uxpa.org or by fax to +1(630)351-8490. 


    1. Candidate's name and Company/Organization/School affiliation 
    2. Contact information: email address and phone number 
    3. Brief description of why the candidate is interested in running, or think the candidate will be an effective Regional Director. 


Once we receive the nomination, we will ask the nominee for additional information such as a candidate statement and background information.  Thank you for your time and consideration in making the UXPA an international association with excellent representation.


Please note that being nominated for a Regional Director position does not necessarily ensure that you will be slated to run. Rather, the elections committee recommends a slate of nominees to the Board based on each nominee's professional and UXPA volunteer experience, their candidate statement, and the current competency needs of the Board.



Ashley Pearlman, Cory Lebson, and Richard Bellaver
UXPA International 2012 Elections Committee





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