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Forming a Local Chapter: Contact UXPA

Contact the UXPA

Forming a Local Chapter > Contact the UXPA

These are the normal contact points when you want to start a Chapter:

The UXPA Office

The UXPA Office is the hub of all UXPA activities. They will help you with information during the start-up and connect you with the Chapters committee. The UXPA Office will tell you if there already exists a local Chapter within your area, and if so they will help you get in touch with them. They will also register your interest in starting a Chapter so that they can refer future requests to you.

The Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee is responsible for the development and coordination of all UXPA chapters. The Chapters Committee Manager Chair who is also a member of the UXPA Board of Directors manages the committee. Other members of the Chapters Committee are usually Local Chapter Presidents and Sponsors.

Local Chapter Sponsors

The Chapter Sponsor is a veteran UXPA member who is elected by the UXPA's Board of Directors, responsible for overseeing one or more Chapter's operation and activities. Your Chapter Sponsor will be an essential part of helping you to get a Chapter started.   A Sponsor will communicate with you throughout the year and will be available to assist with your questions or problems concerning UXPA. The Chapter Sponsor is your Chapter's link to the Association's Board of Directors and, as such, is your conduit to a wealth of UXPA services and opportunities.

Your Chapter Sponsor can be an excellent resource when your Chapter considers conducting a membership drive, establishing a newsletter, or building a new public relations program. Invite your Chapter Sponsor to a Chapter function as a speaker for a business meeting, keynote speaker for a conference, or guest of honor at your awards dinner.

These visits provide an opportunity for you, your Chapter Council, and your Chapter Sponsor to confer about Chapter matters. At the same time, a visit allows the Chapter Sponsor to assess the strengths and needs of your Chapter and to meet potential candidates for Chapter- and Association-level offices and committees.

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