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UXPA Chapters: Forming a Local Chapter

Round Up Three to Five Volunteers

Forming a Local Chapter > Round up Volunteers


A small group (3-5) of volunteers that work closely with a Chapter Sponsor often prepares the first constituting meeting. The sponsor will guide you through the process of starting a local Chapter and also help you locate other UXPA members in the region.

The group should ideally consist of volunteers representing several companies and institutions. It allows you to share the workload and minimizes the risk of the effort failing because of a single key person was diverted from the task. Having the support of several companies usually also improves the possibility of support in the form of meeting facilities, access to computers and copiers and other useful items. Including representatives from more than one company also eliminates the risk of the chapter being seen as “too closely associated” with one company. It allows the UXPA chapter to become “neutral territory“ for sharing a broad wealth of ideas and experiences.

It is also important to find a name for the Chapter that reflects the boundaries of the Chapter. The geographic boundaries are formally approved by the UXPA Board of Directors and may be changed from what you initially propose in the petition.

The name is usually constructed using a centrally located town or the name of the region. The formal name should also include a reference to UXPA. A formal name would look something like “The Bay Area Chapter of the Usability Professionals' Association” or “The London Chapter of the Usability Professionals' Association”. Chapter names are often shortened for easier reference.

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