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UXPA Chapters: Forming a Local Chapter

Organize a Constituting Meeting

Forming a Local Chapter > Organize a Constituting Meeting

You will need at least ten people that are prepared to become members and support the Local Chapter. Use all available means to reach as many potential members as possible. The most effective ways of doing this are:

UXPA Membership Directory

As a current UXPA member, you should have the current year's Membership Directory.   The directory is sorted by geographical areas in which you can find current members.   Also contact the UXPA Association office for members who joined after the directory was published or to verify current status of memberships.

Contacts and networks

Go through your file with professional contacts and list all people that you think may be interested in supporting the chapter. It is amazing how many names a group of three to five people can generate. Send them an e-mail explaining what you propose to do, and how they can help. Also invite them to the meeting (and if they can not attend offer to keep them informed.)

Other professional organizations

The yellow pages of the local telephone directory, catalogs of local universities, and the local Chamber of Commerce will give you leads to these sources of other potential members. Whenever possible, your first contact should be personal if an appointment can be arranged. Otherwise a telephone call, followed by a letter explaining the objectives and significance of your organization, may prove very useful. If you are successful with the leaders of these groups, you will be in a good position to enlist the support of the membership of their organizations.When contacting these people, remember to encourage them to join both the UXPA and the local Chapter. UXPA membership is required to join a local UXPA Chapter.

Ads in Local newspapers

With larger newspapers, you should contact the editor of the appropriate department, or perhaps the science writer, and explain your activities. The organization of a local group of professionals (in any field) is normally considered news, and your chances of getting into print are good. Remember that newspapers are interested in knowing who you are, what your organization represents, its relationship to their readers, and names, names, names. It is always necessary to include the time and place of your meetings and the person to contact for further information.

Since you will be dealing with a limited number of newspapers, it will not be too difficult to talk with them by telephone (followed by a personal visit if possible) before delivering or mailing your information to them. Mention local names and business affiliations in your releases, if possible. This is especially helpful with the smaller daily newspaper and weeklies.

Listings in trade press

Many of magazines that focus on usability have a section listing up-coming events. You should try to get all relevant Chapter activities (including the constituting meeting) into these listings. A short article in the magazine, describing your efforts would not do much harm eitherů

E-mail lists

There are several e-mail lists that would have prospective chapter members as subscribers.

Company news lists or web sites

Some (larger) corporations may have news lists, web sites or other ways of distributing information. Use them with care, nobody likes spam, even if in this case it IS important spam.

Please note that, while UXPA authorizes and encourages this type of notification, care should be taken to avoid representation of your group as an 'official' UXPA group at this stage. The right to represent yourself as a recognized UXPA chapter, and other rights associated with affiliation with UXPA are available to you only after a charter has been granted. If you have any questions about this, you should contact your Chapter Sponsor.


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