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UXPA Chapters: Forming a Local Chapter

Create a Petition

Forming a Local Chapter > Create a Petition

The petition to form a Local UXPA Chapter has to be signed by at least ten current UXPA members requesting to be recognized as a local Chapter of UXPA. All officers have to be members of UXPA at the time of signing. Chapter members must also be UXPA members.    So for those who attend the meeting, but are not yet current UXPA members, get them to sign up as UXPA members as soon as possible. Other potential chapter members should become UXPA members as soon as possible.   You could even take some membership applications to the constituting meeting.

The petition should also include suggested Chapter name, Chapter boundaries and interim Chapter officers. The list of officers shall include a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, or a Secretary/Treasurer, and additional officers as approved by the Chapter.


Petition Form: Word RTF PDF

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