Usability in Civic Life: Voting and Usability

Articles on Voting and Elections in UPA Publications

All three UPA publications (Journal of Usability Studies, User Experience Magazine and the UPA Voice) and the UPA Conference have featured articles about voting and usability, including both informational updates and research into the usability of voting systems.


December 2007
UPA Voice

New Guidelines Proposed for US Voting Systems
by Whitney Quesenbery

August 2007
Journal of Usability Studies, (Vol 2 Issue 4)

User Research of a Voting Machine: Preliminary Findings and Experiences by Menno de Jong, Joris van Hoof, Jordy Gosselt

November 2006

Journal of Usability Studies (Vol 2 Issue 1)

A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems by Ted Selker, Elizabeth Rozenwieg, Anna Pandolfo

November 2006


Creating a Universal Usability Agenda by Whitney Quesenbery


February 2006
UPA Voice

Designing Better Elections by Josephine Scott

October 2005
UPA Voice


Overcoming Resistance to Change: The North Carolina Board of Elections Tackles Accessibility by Johnnie F. McLean (with an Introduction by Whitney Quesenbery)

June 2005
UPA 2005 Conference Presentation

A laboratory evaluation of six electronic voting machines by Fred Conrad

June 2005
UPA Voice

UPA Joins Forces with Design for Democracy by Whitney Quesenbery

Spring 2005
User Experience Magazine


A Day of Poll Watching: Reno and Sparks, Nevada by Ted Selker

On the Ground: Voting Observations during the US Presidential Election

The View from Here: Congressman Rush Holt on voting and usability

August 2004
UPA Voice

Voting and Usability Projects: How You Can Participate by Josephine Scott

June 2004
UPA 2004 Conference Workshop


Ensuring the Usability of Voting Sytems: A UPA2004 Workshop gathered experts from social science, human factors, plain language, and industry to examine issues in usability testing voting machines. Position papers and additional readings are posted on the workshop page.

A report summarizing the work in and outline for summative testing was published after the event. Usability testing of voting systems (PDF)

June 2004
UPA 2004 Conference Presentations


Can Usability Save Democracy? - A Panel Presentation moderated by Whitney Quesenbery

February 2004
UPA Voice

Trends towards greater usability in voting technology by Josephine Scott


September 2003
UPA Voice


Voting and Usability Project Update by Whitney Quesenbery

Elections from where I (used to) sit by Josephine Scott

On being modern: New technologies and voting outside the US by Louise Ferguson

June 2002
UPA 2002 Conference Presentation


Humanizing Voting Interfaces - Rebecca Mercuri's presentation as an invited speaker at UPA 2002

April 2002
UPA Voice

Voting and Usability: An Update  by Whitney Quesenbery






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