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Conferences and Events: Past UPA Conferences

UPA 2003: Ubiquitous Usability

UPA 2003 Conference LogoThe 2003 conference theme was Ubiquitous Usability - usability encountered everywhere. The growth of pervasive devices, and the continuing encroachment of technology in our lives, guarantees that we cannot survive without interacting with environments, interfaces, systems, and devices. We need to ensure that these encounters are always mutually beneficial.

  • Conference Dates: June 23-27, 2003
  • Location: The Phoenician, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Attendees: 400+
  • Conference Committee

Keynotes and Invited Speakers

  • Keynote: Karen Nichols, Michael Graves and Associates
  • Closing Plenary: Paul Dourish and Daniel Russell
  • Curt Rosengren "Self-promotion for usability professionals: it's not magic, it's marketing"
  • Dave Regel "Building homes for accessibility"
  • Jeff Barlow "Digging to the core: product design based on brand"
  • Craig Vogel "Innovations in early phases of new product development"
  • Andrew Massey "Music and the arts: usability in fact and as metaphor"
  • Todd Mundt "Interviewing techniques design"
  • Madelyn Hockstein "Social cultural trends and insights and their implications for product development"

The Idea Market - Afterthoughts

Composite image of the Idea Market as activators waited for the session to start

Ever feel that the best part of a conference happens between sessions? Ulf Andersson did. So he devised a new format for conference sessions called an Idea Market. Attendees are free to roam from one idea station to the next, until they find a topic that they are interested in. Multiple "activators" stir up lively discourse on a variety of topics in a highly interactive, fluid session.

The results of these discussions are published as "Afterthoughts"


Presentations and Advanced Topic Seminars

Shawn Lawton Henry, Mary Martinson, Kitch Barnicle
Beyond Video: Accessiblity Profiles, Personas and Scenarios Up Close and Personal
Elaine Brofford
Management Will Never Go For It...” Make It Happen Anyway!
Kathy Fraser
The User Research Behind the Internet Advertising Standards
Eugene Chen, Douglas K. van Duyne,
Kevin E. Mullet
Design Patterns: a Bridge Between Usability and Design
Scott M. McDaniel,
Louis Drummond
Tailoring Search Interfaces for Specialized Uses
David Mitropoulos-Rundus, Jakob Nielsen, Steve Krug,
Pawan Vora
The State of Web Site Usability for June 2003
Kerstin Roese
Intercultural Testing: Experiences From Studies in Mainland China
William S. Albert,
Eleri Dixon
Is This What You Expected? The Use of Expectation Measures in Usability Testing
Sung Woo Kim, Mee Jung Kim, Heejung Choo,
Sang-Hwan Kim, Hyun Joo Kang
Cultural Issues in Handheld Usability
Dirk Ziegeler, Detlef Zuehlke, Kerstin Roese
Wearable Computer in a Production Automation Environment: New Metaphors and Approaches for the Usage and Usability
Michael D. Morgan
Building a Case for a Redesign
Matt Hummel, Gary Elsbernd
That Old Black Magic - Identifying and Dealing with Superstitious Users
Jarinee Chattratichart,Jacqueline Brodie
The Age Factor in the Design Equation of Cell Phones
Manabu Ueno
Reading/Writing Guidelines for Japanese Web UI
Sarah J. Swierenga, Tony Guy
Session Logistics for Usability Testing of Users with Disabilities
Abhijit Ghosh, Craig LaFond
Designing and Testing Cancer Information on Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs)
Jed R Wood
Why Not Flash? What Usability Professionals Need to Know About the Benefits of Flash for Interactive Applications
Jay L. Jones, Farah S. Bullara
Building Blocks for a Digital Solution to Usability Testing
Shawn Lawton Henry
Another -ability: Accessibility Primer for Usability Specialists
Laura Borns
Gathering Usability Data for Mission Critical Projects: One Method is Not Enough
Mark Safire
Intro to Moderated Remote Usability Testing
Jack Means, Donna Halm, Blair Payne, Alex Genov, Les Meyer
Usability Support: A Critical Part of the Development Team
Laurie Kantner, Timothy Keirnan
Field Research in Commercial Product Development
Jon Dodd
Accessibility Compliance v. Reality of Use - Failings of the "Tick Box" Approach to Universality
Peter Roessger
Cross-Cultural Usability: An International Study on Driver Information Systems
Kerrie Green, Joe Hinder
Should Users Be Driving? A Comparison of Remote Testing Methods
Michael Catani
Observation Methodologies for Usability Testing of Handheld Devices
Kathryn Summers, Michael Summers
Contextual Inquiry Into Children's Recreational Reading Using Children as Research Partners
Steve Fadden, Heather McQuaid
Fixing What Matters: Accounting for Organizational Priorities When Communicating Usability Problems
Kimberly Oslob, Cynthia Yepez, Deborah Hinderer Sova
Adventures in Participant Recruiting: From Screening with Rigor to Dealing with No-Shows
Jeff Schueler, Scott Kincaid
Gathering ROI and Visitor Success Rate Directly from Site Visitors
Whitney Quesenbery
Dimensions of Usability: Defining the Conversation, Driving the Process Slides
Desiree Sy, Lynn Miller
Using Movies to Make Complex Software More Approachable
Shawn Lawton Henry, Sheryl Burgstahler
Filling in the Gaps of UI Accessibility Management and Research
Susan Hura, Jennifer Wilmer
Assessing the Usability of Speech Applications: Optimizing Techniques for Voice User Interfaces
William Gribbons
Lower Literacy Populations: Implications for Usability Inspections and Usability Testing



  • Measuring Usability ROI to Justify Usability Investments
    Stephanie Rosenbaum & Roberta Shroyer
  • UCD in the Age of "Web Years", XP, and Agile Programming Methods: Towards Agile User-Centered Design
    Gary Macomber & Thyra Rauch
  • Remote Usability Testing: Practices and Procedures
    Amy Thurston & Erica Olmsted
  • Professional Development -- How do we grow as usability professionals?
    Diana DeMarco
  • Measuring the Business Value of Usability
    Steven Graves , Majorkumar Govindaraju, & David Sward
  • Integrating User-Centered Design into the Software Development Lifecycle
    Lisa Battle , Brenda D'Angelo, & Darrell Taylor
  • Effectively and Accurately Sizing and Scoping UCD Projects
    Janice James & Carol Righi


Conference Committee

  • Conference Co-Chairs: Joseph Kramer, Diane Wilson,
  • Conference Advisor: Kaurie Kantner
  • Exhibits: Dave Metropolis-Rundus
  • Advance Topics: Chauncey Wilson , Eugenie Bertus
  • International: Alain Robillard-Bastien
  • Invited Speakers: Holly Jameson, Tamara Adler
  • Local Liaison - Montreal: Alain Robillard-Bastien
  • On-site Conference Volunteers: Jeanine Williamson, Lena Miyamoto
  • Panels and Presentations: Deborah Hinderer Sova, Charlotte Schwendeman
  • Peer-Reviewed Papers: Stephen Hatfield
  • Posters: Caryn Zange Josephson, Jarinee Chattratichart
  • Publicity: Kelly Berg, Lee McIntyre
  • Surveys: Carol Peterson
  • SIGs: Merryl Gross
  • Tutorials: Carol Righi, Carolyn Hungate
  • Newcomers Track: Richard Bellaver, Cia Romano
  • Workshops: Carol Peterson, Thyra Rauch
  • Web Site: Gary Macomber
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