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Baltimore Guide: Neighborhoods

This is your informal guide to Baltimore brought to you by local UPA members.

Neighborhoods/Nearby Cities

Inner Harbor
The conference is located in the heart of the Inner Harbor.  Natives would call this the touristy part of town, but also where a lot of the action is.  A number of the attractions are located in this area, and there are hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars in walking distance.  Generally its easiest to park the car and walk in this area.  Your anchor point on the map is the Aquarium.  If you can get from the hotel to the Aquarium, everyone will know where the Aquarium is.

Fells Point 
This area has lots of the local music, art, antiques and restaurants.  Originally this is where many of the dock workers lived, but it now a mix of bohemia and gentrification.  Fells Point starts just outside of the hotel going eastward (away from the aquarium) along the water.  Most of our restaurant recommendations are found here.  Fells Point is the place to go for late night local music.

Baltimore prides itself on being Washington DC’s quirky cousin.  We eat crabs, marshmallow topping on water ice, and drink National Bohemia beer.  To get a sense of what its like to be a native Baltimorean try Hamden.

Did you see the movie Hair Spray?  Want to find a spot where the 50’s never left?  Check out the restaurant and art (and cookie) scene on “The Avenue” in Hamden.  About a 15 minute cab ride from the conference.  Many great restaurants on the Avenue, but consider having dinner at Café Hon (and get a HON bumper sticker).  You’ll know it when you see it – there’s a huge pink flamingo out front.  Across the street is an old fashioned ice cream parlor with all things Baltimore for sale. 
Notable Restaurants: Café Hon, Rocket to Venus, Golden West

Washington, DC   
Baltimore is about an hour away by car or train.  Consider coming to the conference early or staying late to see the nation’s capitol.  Remember all the great Smithsonian Museums are absolutely free.  Commuter trains run from Baltimore Penn Station to Washington Union Station hourly.  The subway system in Washington is a great way to get around.  Head for “The Mall”.