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Baltimore Guide: Local Restaurant Guide

This is your informal guide to Baltimore brought to you by local UPA members.

Local Restaurant Guide
(Provided by Human Factors International – Baltimore)

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Nearby Conference Center

Babalu Grill
34 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD
(410) 234-9898
Big. Noisy. Pretty good food. Happening part of downtown ….

Bin 604
604 S Exeter St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 576-0444
Wine/Liquor Store   
The closest package liquor store … next to Wholefoods … Nice wine selection, reasonable liquor … in case you go somewhere that's BYO…

California Pizza Kitchen
201 E Pratt St # 26, Baltimore, MD
(410) 783-9339
Restaurant - Chain 

Foot, water taxi, taxi
Reliable. Very veg friendly.

1000 Lancaster St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 332-7373
French. Formal. Serious wine list. Cindy Wolf is one of the most talented chefs in Baltimore.  (also see Petit Louis for the Café version of same)

Chui's Sushi

608 S Exeter St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 752-9666
Japanese | Sushi 
Walk Respectable but expensive.

601 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 685-3776
Active Entertainment | Sports Bar    
If you are tired of thinking but want to User Experience Test some serious games….

India Rasoi

411 S High St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 385-4900

Taxi If you are homesick Punjabi, this might work.

Lemongrass / Tsunami

1300 Bank St.
Baltimore, MD
New. Part of a MD resturant group. Pretty good Thai. Seems hopeful. Very close to the conference.

McCormick and Schmick
711 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD
(410) 234-1300
The chain you know -- but good and reliable enough to draw locals on a regular basis. Good fresh fish from all over the world. Menu changes daily, reflecting the catch. One of the better places to get oysters --Particularly in months without an "R".

1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 534-7296
Spanish Tapas  
Walk or Taxi
Currently one of the best places to eat, see and be seen. Plan to order a bunch and share …. Locals like it. Very vegetarian friendly. Unfortunately they don’t do lunch.

Roys Resturant - Chain
720 Aliceanna St # B, Baltimore, MD
(410) 659-0099
Hawaiin Fusion Chain
Walk . 
Really is Hawaiin Fusion … theres lots of local dishes to explore ….

222 Albemarle St, Baltimore, MD 21202
 (410) 685-4905
Dessert - Italian 
If you like cannolis …

1001 Fleet St., Suite A, Baltimore, MD
(410) 528-1640
Grocery Store   
Walk Just in case you get tired of resturants …. Good produce, salad/soup/hot food bar. A stones throw from the hotel.

Fells Point

Alexandar's Tavern

710 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
(410) 522-0000
Taxi; Water Taxi
The Tavern resturant of one of Baltimores more famous Restaurant families (Charlie Gjerde, of Spike and Charlie's fame)… This place is not sure if it wants to be a locals-only, smokey-no-more pool hall/sports bar with sliders (North door) or a sorta grownup with things like very good Tuna tataki,  fancy burgers and tomato soup wiht baby grilled chese sandwich triangles ...

734 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
(410) 327-0426
Taxi; Water Taxi
Go...…Get the bumper sticker, share a (coupla buckets of) mussels in the bar, watch Paul Wingo play  (Jazz Guitar-Tuesdays), have a cask-conditioned ale  … Dinner in the dining room is not your best bet.

Birds of a Feather
1712 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 675-8466
Single Malt Scotch. Serious.

Black Olive
814 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 276-7141
Swank. Small. Serious seafood.One of Baltimore's best. They will walk you through (literally)  the catch(es) of the day.. Fish is grilled (olive oil, salt & pepper) and fileted at the table.Garlic, butter and caper sauce optional. Octopus salad is a universal favorite.  Good desert.  Men should probably have a jacket on. Expensive for dinner, reasonable for lunch. 

Blue Moon

1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 522-3940
Breakfast (All night)

Taxi; Walk
Probably the closest all night place to the conference. Creative omletts and stuff.  breakfasts all day & night.  Quirky. You are in Baltimore now.


903 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 342-4000
French | Lunch and pasteries 

Taxi; Water Taxi
Right on the water-taxi line. Serious bakery for locals and tourists alike. Serves breakfast (pasteries) and lunch (quiche, sandwiches, lipitor) … plan to linger.

Capt'n James
2127 Boston St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 327-8600
Seafood | Crabs
If you REALLY want the local experience… pound crabs on picnic tables across the street from the restraurant, coleslaw, corn on the cob, (The Capt'n James makes periodic appearances in Bizzaro (the cartoon). (If you still want MORE local … ask one of us ...)

Jimmy's Restaurant

801 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
(410) 327-3273

Taxi; Water Taxi
Where Baltimore meets for diner food … French fries and Gravy. The big breakfast. If you don't know what scrapple is .. That’s ok. You've made it this far without knowing … Bring your lipitor.

Max's on Broadway
735 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
(410) 276-2850
Taxi; Water Taxi
Beers. Lots of them.  Classic music location in Baltimore.

1727 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 732-6399
Pound crabs. Drink Natty Boh. You've made it to Baltimore, now. Notes:       - Outsiders go to Phillips--and often like it. Locals go to Obrycki's.  Whole steamed crabs are sold by the dozen. The # associated (as in "We got 30s, 38s and 42s, hon") is the cost / dozen. If you are not familiar with crab anatomy, seek $34s or bigger (less work/calorie intake realized) and order onion rings and/or corn on the cob.  The waitress will give you a tutorial if you ask.

Cat's Eye Pub
1730 Thames St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 276-9866
Bar / Live Music   
Taxi; Water Taxi
Blues  & Beers. Its good to know your niche.

The Horse You Came in On

1626 Thames St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 327-8111
Bar / Live Music   
Taxi; Water Taxi
Those of us who "grew up" here … spent  time HERE … so the age range is pretty broad.

Red Star Bar & Grill
906 S Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD
(410) 675-0212
Taxi; Water Taxi
The HFI-Baltimore fallback….partly because its right next door. Partly because their food is good and reliable.  Everybody loves the garlic-rosemary frenchfries. Vegetarian friendly.