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Important Dates

March 30, 2008: Conference Proceedings material due from presenters


The 15-Minute Roundtable Discussions occur in a single room with several round tables. Attendees sit around the table with the "host," who introduces the topic and facilitates discussion for 15 minutes. If your 15-Minute Roundtable Discussion topic is accepted, you will be the host of one of these tables during the session.


15 minutes per discussion, and 3 discussions total during the time period (on the same topic, but with 3 different groups of participants).


As a table host in the 15-Minute Roundtable Discussion, you will facilitate and lead discussions with your peers about any topic of interest that relates to usability and e-Government. You do not need to be an expert on the topic on which you will lead a discussion. (In fact, this can be a good opportunity to find out how others have handled a particular challenge.) You are not a "presenter." You just need to initiate the discussion and give other participants a chance to contribute their ideas and experiences. There will be no facility for audio-visual aids such as PowerPoint slides. You may bring handouts if you like, but they are not required.

During this session, each table host will sit at one of the round tables are set up in a large room. A moderator will introduce each of the table topics (and hosts) to the audience, and give a signal when people can go and choose the table they want, to

discuss the topic of their choice. The table host will quickly introduce or summarize the topic to be discussed, then open the table to comments, questions, and discussions. When the designated time is up, the moderator will give a signal and people will switch to another table, to discuss another topic. The hosts stay at their original tables, and begin a discussion again with a new audience. After another signal from the moderator, the cycle will repeat a third time.

These discussions are intended to be very lively and fast-paced, and to give attendees a chance to exchange ideas and connect with other people who are interested in similar topics.

At the end of the discussion period, table hosts may be asked to provide a brief summary of the high points of the session for all attendees in the room

Benefits of Presenting

The primary presenter receives a 20% discount on conference registration.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts to multiple presenters.

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Other Information

UPA does not cover expenses for any other instructional materials, such as exercises and handouts.

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