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Important Dates

March 30, 2008: Conference Proceedings material due from presenters


Traditional Panels are lead by a facilitator and have 4-6 speakers who are experts on the panel topic. Panels may be conducted in several ways, such as comparative, analytic, or historic. UPA recommends limiting panels to four members to allow ample time for discussion.

10-Minute Talk sessions have five speakers with 10 minutes to present their perspective or share "nuggets of wisdom" about a particular theme. During the session, the proposal submitter serves as the moderator, which entails introducing the session, acting as timekeeper for the 10-minute talks, and engaging the audience in a discussion after all talks are complete. The moderator of a 10-minute talk can also present one of the 10-Minute Talks. Presenters can have a maximum of six slides, including a title slide.

Usability Fundamentals Panels focus on fundamental usability concepts for those who need basic information about the usability profession. They are not part of the submission process. They are instead planned in the months leading up to the conference with panelist preference given to those presenting during the conference.


90 minutes. Thirty to 45 minutes of this time should involve audience interaction.

Benefits of Presenting

The facilitator receives a 20% discount on conference registration. Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts to other panel members.

Example Proposals

Thank you to Kara Pernice Coyne, Cory Knobel, Carl Turner, Stephanie Rosenbaum, Tec-Ed, and Optavia Corporation for permission to use these examples.

Proposal submission closed

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