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Important Dates

March 30, 2008: Conference Proceedings material due from presenters


Peer-reviewed papers will be published in a special section of the conference proceedings. All proposals for papers must be submitted with a proposal for a presentation, which will be delivered at a special paper presentation session. Both the paper and the presentation must reflect the priorities of the UPA conference, which emphasize practicality, hands-on experience, and interactive presentation.


40 minutes.


We offer a peer review of full papers; that is, completed works, not just a proposal. Authors of accepted papers will be allowed to make small revisions based on reviewers’ comments. These papers will be in a separate section of the proceedings, clearly identified as peer-reviewed papers. We will be highly selective and will choose a limited number of submissions to ensure we are establishing a premier venue for publications. We are looking at two major areas:

The presentations will be made at a special session dedicated to presentations from peer-reviewed papers. These presentations must meet the same standards as all other UPA presentations. For this reason, anyone who submits a paper for the conference must also prepare and submit a presentation proposal. The proposal will be reviewed on its merits as a presentation and as a paper, and both aspects must be rated appropriately for UPA to publish the paper.

Presentation submissions accompanying peer-reviewed paper submissions will be reviewed with minor changes to the review criteria compared to the criteria used to review regular presentation submissions. These presentations must meet a minimum set of requirements that seek to ensure the presentation is not merely a copy and paste version of the paper into slide format.

Benefits of Presenting

The lead author of the paper (who should also be the lead presenter) will receive a 20% discount on conference registration.

Example Proposals

Thank you to Evelyne Millien for permission to use these examples.

Proposal submission closed

Other Information

UPA does not cover expenses for any other instructional materials, such as exercises and handouts.

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