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Important Dates

March 4, 2008: Acceptance notifications sent to presenters

March 30, 2008: Conference Proceedings material due from presenters


Posters are a way to present late-breaking results, new ideas or concepts in an informal, visual and interactive manner. During the Poster Revolution, attendees will gather into groups around the posters that interest them most. Each presenter will be given a set amount of time to talk about his or her poster, plus a few minutes of questions and answers. At the end of the time-slot, attendees will be directed to the next poster. After one revolution around the room, attendees may go back to any of the posters that they would like to discuss with the presenters. The Poster Revolution is an optional activity for poster presenters, and it takes place during one of the presentation sessions.

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Other Information

Poster presenters will have a 4-foot tall by 8-foot wide board on which to mount their poster. They will also have a table for presentation materials such as handouts.

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