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30-minute Presentations

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Important Dates

March 30, 2008: Conference Proceedings material due from presenters


We’ve been listening to our UPA attendees. This year, we are trying out a new 30-minute presentation format. Our goal is to have high energy, fast paced presentations, giving presenters an opportunity to focus on sharing their research, methods, or experiences. Content of these presentations must be easily presented in 30 minutes. While these sessions will require less interaction with the audience, we expect a livelier, more dynamic presentation style.


30 minutes

Benefits of Presenting

The primary presenter receives a 20% discount on conference registration.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts to multiple presenters.

Example Proposals

This is a new format this year, so we don’t have any samples of successful proposals. 

Proposal submission closed

Other Information

UPA does not cover expenses for any other instructional materials, such as exercises and handouts.

Contacts for 30-Minute Presentations


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