Conference Contacts

  • General info:
    Nicole Tafoya at UPA HQ is ready to assist you with most of your conference questions: registration, logistics, hotel, membership, or association questions.

  • Co-chairs:
    The conference co-chairs, Jakob Biesterfeldt, Laura Faulkner and Filip Healy, deal with the overall conference planning, technical program and co-ordinate the other sub committees.

  • Sponsors:
    Exhibitors and Sponsors, please contact Nicole Tafoya at this address. Nicole can work with you to determine available 2010 marketing opportunities!

  • Submissions:
    The following Committees are responsible for selecting and planning the various submission types that make up the conference program. They are the main point of contact for people submitting proposals to UPA 2010s. Their main functions are to work with the conference committee and submitters, prepare submissions for review, assign reviewers, and to participate in the process of selecting and scheduling sessions for the final program.

    Tutorials: Damien Livingston, Francis (Hank) Henry

    Workshops: Rajesh Kalidindi, Amy Kidd, Sarah Rink

    Panels: Amy Kidd, Lukasz Nalaskowski, Saravjit Rihal

    Peer reviewed papers: Dan Welsh, David Tisserand, Jhilmil Jain

    Posters: Kevin Sang Lee, Pam Cote

    Ideas markets: Helga Letowt-Vorbek, Robert Gillham, Eugenie Bertus

    Experienced practitioner: Kostanija Petrovic, Brooke Baldwin, Merryl Gross

    Usability fundamentals: Thyra Rauch, Jeff Quinn

  • Reviewers:
    The Reviewers Committee oversees the review process and selects reviewers for all conference submissions (presentations, workshops, tutorials, panels, usability fundamentals, experienced practitioner topics, ideas markets, posters) based on information provided in the reviewer survey.
    Members: Stephen Hatfield, Billie Andersen

  • Invited speakers:
    The Invited Speakers Committee is responsible for managing the invited speakers process (including keynote speakers). This includes selection, invitation, management of speakersí schedules during the conference. Contact us if you want to speak, are already an invited speaker or have suggestions.
    Members: Alain Robillard-Bastien, Christoph Kunz, Adriana Betiol

  • Program:
    The Program Committee is responsible for developing the conference program and schedule-at-a-glance. Their primary work is to streamline the design of the conference materials to make them usable, readable, and evocative of the conference theme. As longtime conference attendees and committee members, they also provide feedback on the conference schedule, making sure complimentary topics do not overlap, and ensuring that the conference content is well aligned with UPA's overall content strategy, as well as the conference theme.
    Members: Rich Gunther, Sandhya S. Pillalamarri

  • PR & Marketing:
    The PR & Marketing Committee implements and oversees Marketing and PR activities. We interact with the press and find new ways to raise awareness of the UPA conference. This committee also manages the UPA conference's activity and presence on social networks and the podcasting of conference materials. Get in touch if you have questions or ideas!
    Members: Robert Skrobe, Nicole Tafoya, Kenneth Kammersgaard

  • Volunteers:
    The Volunteers Committee is responsible for building and training a team of volunteers who, before and during the event, will assist the planning committee, speakers/presenters and attendees with conference logistics. If you would like to volunteer or want information about the benefits, please get in touch.
    Members: Joi Roberts, Sebastien Fabre

  • English as a second language:
    The EASL Proofreading Service Coordinator deals with submissions from people who are less confident writing in English. We maintain a panel of English speaking volunteers who help to proofread these submissions before they are submitted. If you would like to volunteer or you are worried about your written English, please get in touch.
    Members: Rainer Gibbert

  • International liaison:
    The International Liaison Committee is responsible for helping people from all over the world attend the UPA conference. Contact us for advice on travel, visas etc. or if you are a local UPA chapter that wants to get involve or help publicise the conference.
    Members: Claudia Geitner, Sigrid Vandenweghe, Andreas Lehmann

  • Local liaison Munich:
    The Local Liaison is responsible for providing information about Munich and the local areas for people coming to the conference (or interested in coming). Please contact us if you need help with accommodation, planning your stay or any other local information.
    Members: Sylvia Le Hong, Verena Stich

  • Sustainability:
    The Sustainability Committee is responsible for looking at ways to make the UPA conference more sustainable for the planet (in terms of saving materials, reducing waste etc.). Let us know if you have any ideas or want to get involved.
    Members: Angeliki Chrysafidi, Johannes Robier

  • UP10 (German track):
    The German UPA (G|UPA) will integrate their annual Usability Professionals (UP) Conference into the UPA international conference in 2010. We are setting up an attractive program with top-class German language speakers and will publish German language proceedings for this track.

  • Website:
    The Website Committee are responsible for maintaining and updating the conference website. If you are experiencing any problems, have some suggestions or would like to help with the website, please get in touch.
    Members: Robert Skrobe, Chui Chui Tan

  • Session chair co-ordinator:
    The Session Chair Co-ordinator is responsible for assigning a Chair to each session at the UPA conference. Get in touch if you would like to volunteer to chair a session or have any questions.
    Members: Emily Hebard