Munich, Germany

In 2007, Munich was voted by Monocle Magazine to be the World´s Most Liveable City! Munich is nicknamed the “City with Heart” and is the capital of Bavaria, the largest and most picturesque of Germany’s 16 provinces.

Talk about location, the city could hardly be better situated, just 1.5 hours from the Alps, with about a dozen glacial lakes within an hour or less of its center. Munich has excellent bike paths virtually everywhere, excellent restaurants for every imaginable cuisine, and of course, it’s got the oh-so-lovely beergardens and outstanding beer.

Munich´s population is about 1.3 million, making it Germany´s third largest metropol behind Berlin and Hamburg - so you might need a few days to see all the highlights and attractions. Most of them are in the historical town centre (Altstadt) and are easily reached on foot.

Pulsing with prosperity and Gemütlichkeit (cosiness), Munich revels in its own contradictions. Folklore and age-old traditions exist side by side with sleek BMWs, designer boutiques and high-powered industry. Its museums include world-class collections of artistic masterpieces, and its music and cultural scenes give Berlin a run for its money.

The people’s attitude is one of live-and-let-live – and Müncheners will be the first to admit that their ‘metropolis’ is little more than a Weltdorf, a world village.