Getting Here

Reduced Travel with Lufthansa to UPA Conference 2010

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Lufthansa German Airlines offers a comprehensive global route network linking Munich with major cities around the world. Participants can choose to fly to Munich any time between 17/05/2010 and 28/05/2010

To make your reservation, please click on either of these two links:

Enter the access code DEAPW in the “Access to Event Booking” area ("Zugang zur Event Buchung" in German) on the right hand side of the next page. This will take you into an online booking platform that will automatically calculate the discount offered or provide you with an even better offer if another promotional fare is available.

Please note that you may have to enable pop-ups on this site – otherwise the booking platform window will not open.

You can use the rebate also in your IATA travel agency. Please refer to the attached "Ticketing Instructions" for more information.

Traveling to Munich... is easy

After registration the first and most important step to join the UPA Conference 2010 is traveling to Munich. This is easier then you might think! Depending on the distance, your budget and your preferences you can choose one of the following options.

Should you have any other questions regarding traveling to Munich or reaching the conference from abroad, contact our international liaisons:

Andreas Lehmann
Sigrid Vandenweghe

Reaching Munich with a Direct Flight
Munich has a large international airport, which is approached by a lot of airlines from various destinations. You can find a search form with all flights to Munich on the website of the Munich airport:

Flights from and to Munich

The Munich airport has two terminals. German Lufthansa and all of the Star Alliance airlines use terminal 2. All other airlines can be found at terminal 1.

Reaching Munich via Frankfurt / Main
In some cases it could make sense to fly to Frankfurt / Main. Either your airline does not fly to Munich or flies in at an inappropriate day. In this case Frankfurt / Main could be a good choice. From Frankfurt / Main you can choose a connection flight to Munich or use the railway. There is a railway station at the Frankfurt / Main airport. It takes a bit longer by train (approximately 3 to 4 hours), but you arrive in Munich city center instead of at the airport. And you will see more of the beautiful landscape!

Airline Rebate Program for the UPA 2010 conference
We are currently in negotiation with the Star Alliance and hope to offer a rebate program for flights to Munich. Stay tuned; we will publish the information as soon as it is available.

From the Munich Airport to the City
After you have arrived at the Munich airport, you have to travel to the hotel in the city. The airport is located in the north of Munich, 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from the city. The most comfortable (and unfortunately most expensive) way is to use a taxi. This will cost approximately 60 Euro.

Using the public transport is much cheaper: Two lines of the interurban train (called S-Bahn) assure a regular connection direct to the city. The S-Bahn on S1 or S8 lines runs every 20 minutes between 4AM and midnight. The journey (single) costs 9,20 Euro (or 10,00 Euro for a day pass) and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the central station. However, in this case you have to struggle with the usability of the ticket machines of the public transport.

A third way is a shuttle bus between the airport and the Munich Main station. The shuttle stops at both terminals, in the north of Munich and at the Main Station. A one-way ticket with the shuttle costs 10,50 Euro. An important note: The last shuttle departs at the airport at 7:50pm! Additional information is available on the web:

Traveling to Munich by Train
Munich's Main Station is located directly in center of the city. There are connections from most of the European metropolis to Munich. Check out the website of the German Railway for more detailed information:

German Railway

Another option to travel to Munich or also trough Germany is Rideshare; you can drive to all bigger cities for little money:

Hire a car
All major car-hire companies have offices at the airport and/or the 2nd level of Munich's Hauptbahnhof, including Hertz (01805-333 535; 24hr booking; office 7am-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat-Sun), Avis (550 2251; 7am-9pm) and Europcar (549 0240; 8am-6pm).