Travel Updates

Volcanic ash from Iceland and Traveling to Munich:

You may be concerned about recent news regarding the volcanic ash affecting air travel in northern Europe. Rest assured, the 2010 International UPA conference is going ahead as planned. All main airports are currently open and we are tracking the situation daily.

You can see which areas are affected by the volcanic ash here:

You can see if planes are currently flying over Europe (Live!):

Heathrow and Schiphol airports:

If your flight is from or via London Heathrow you may wish to keep tabs on whether the airport remains open. The info is updated regularly on the airport homepage:

If your flight is via Amsterdam Schiphol you can check updates here:

Please check with your airline before traveling to see if there are any disruptions to your flight.

If your flight is redirected away from Munich:

If you cannot land in Munich and will be rerouted to Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich or other Airports in similar distance to Munich, you can always take the train to Munich:

  • Frankfurt Munich takes about 3 hours and will cost around 90 Euros
  • Berlin Munich takes about 6 hours and will cost around 130 Euros
  • Zurich Munich takes about 5 hours and will cost around 80 Euros
Trains on these routes leave frequently (approx. every hour).

British Airways strike:

If any part of your journey was with British Airways then you may be concerned about the 20 day staff strike.

We are pleased to inform you that the strike has now been cancelled, but please monitor the situation. More information can be found here:

We will post more updates here and on our UPA 2010 social networks if the situation changes. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook: