Conference Theme

The conference program will in particular explore issues and ideas around our main conference theme, and an exciting selection of relevant papers and speakers have been selected in relation to this. The conference will of course cover all the usual usability and UX hot topics as usual, spanning well beyond just the conference theme, so there will almost certainly be something for everyone.

2010 Conference Theme

Embracing Cultural Diversity: User Experience Design for the World

We chose this theme as it goes stride in stride with the international and multi cultural expansion of the UPA conference, whilst also covering some of the key issues in our industry at the same time:

  • Moving towards an understanding of the broader user experience beyond traditional usability
  • Incorporating the need to focus on design as much as on research
  • Exploring the concept of cultures and how these impact on our work
  • Acknowledging the increasingly international nature of our work and the issues that we face in light of this

Areas of interest:

We hope to cover a wide range of topic areas related to this theme, which are listed below. This is by no means and exhaustive list.

  1. What is culture and how does it relate to UX?
    • Cultural models relevant to usability
    • What are the known cultural differences?
    • What is consistent and stable across cultures?
    • Experiences with different cultures and sub-cultures
    • When is culture a consideration for UX?
    • How is culture measured or defined?
    • Useful tips for UX professionals
  2. How do we design excellent user experiences for different cultures?
    • Design tools & techniques
    • Design case studies for specific cultures and subcultures
    • Overcoming cultural barriers and differences through good design solutions
    • Localisation: when and how to do it?
    • Internationalisation: How to make this successful?
    • Research deliverables that support good design
  3. How do we adapt research for different cultures?
    • Practical tools and techniques related to conducting research
    • How to plan, manage and deliver international research
    • How to adapt research for specific user groups or subcultures
    • Tips on adapting different methodologies across cultures
    • Analysis techniques and tools for multi-cultural research
    • Communicating research and cultural differences
  4. How do other professions approach cultural diversity?
  5. Product designers and market researchers have also been tackling this issue for a long time. What can we learn from them and which skills should become part of the UX repertoire?

    It would be very beneficial to the usability community to welcome relevant speakers and practitioners from other disciplines to explore these issues.

  6. Current business culture and itís affect on usability
  7. Usability professionals need to understand the businesses that produce interactive products to work with them successfully.

    • To explore organisational cultures and issues
    • How is the landscape changing for usability professionals?
    • UX within international organisations
    • Re-packaging usability for different business cultures
    • Why UX is still (even more) important in this economic climate?