Reviewing Criteria

Each team's paper submission will be distributed to and reviewed by UPA’s volunteer reviewers, both academics, designers and usability professionals.

Round 1 - Short Paper

Round one, the written short paper submission, will be reviewed based on:

  • Use of ethnography and relevant contextual and background research
  • Analysis of/approach to the proposed challenge
  • Appropriateness/relevance of the solution to the posed challenge
  • Originality of the solution
  • Quality of the design process
  • Quality of the argument for the proposed solution
  • Impact of the solution
  • Cost efficiency of solution
  • Clarity of writing

Round 2 – Remote Presentation & Poster

Round two, the online presentation will be reviewed by iSDC panel of judges based on:

  • Clear communication of key aspects of solution
  • Clear communication of design method
  • Clear communication of rationale for proposed solution
  • Visual design and aesthetic appearance or presentation slides and project poster
  • Communication of the solution and Q&A session discussion