Unconference and other submission opportunities!

Did you miss the chance to submit your topic? Pitch your topic and get selected to present by conference attendees right at the conference on Thursday, June 23. For more details, visit our Unconference page.

Benefits of presenting at UPA 2011:

There are many benefits for presenters so it is worth spending the time to submit your proposals:

  • 20% discount on conference registration for lead presenters of workshop, tutorial, panel, 30 & 60 presentation, PRP & poster sessions
  • 10% discount on conference registration for lead presenter s of idea market sessions
  • Opportunity to speak at a leading international UX conference
  • Excellent way to meeting professionals in your field and make contacts
  • Excellent for career development and raising your industry profile
  • Summary published in conference program
Take a look at the submission types for 2011.

Key dates for submissions:

Presenter acceptance confirmation deadline: Decemeber 3, 2010
Round 2 Idea Market & Poster Submission deadline: January 17, 2011
Audio visual & proceedings materials deadline: March 31, 2011

2011 Conference Theme:

We are particularly interested in submissions related to our conference theme, and have already accepted many papers and speakers on this subject: Designing for Social Change

> More info about the conference theme and topics we would like to cover in 2011

Advanced Practitioners:

Selected, specialty content at the conference will focus on delivering a wide range of advanced material for advanced practitioners that will inspire, engage and challenge our ever growing experienced audience. These sessions will be highly interactive and participatory and integrated within the main conference program as an experienced practitioner track. We are particularly interested in submissions in this category!
For more info please contact:

Usability Fundamentals:

We also acknowledge the less experienced attendees at the conference and will continue to provide our 'usability fundamentals' track that provides a range of sessions aimed at those who are just looking to learn the basics of usability
For more info please contact:

English as a second language:

If you are interested in submitting but are worried about writing and presenting in English then we are here to help you. Please contact the English As a Second Language (EASL) committee, who will be able to arrange for your submission to be proof read and corrected for language and grammar before you submit it to UPA for review.

If you've had your submission accepted already but would still like to speak to someone about help with presenting in English then please feel free to contact the EASL committee.

Acceptance process:

Each submission is reviewed blind and non-blind by around 5 reviewers who range from general usability practitioners to specialists in in the subject matter of the submission. Based on the reviews the committee in charge of your submission type will select which submissions make it to the conference program.