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 UPA Conference 2005

Advanced Topic Seminars

"" Submission Information

All submissions must include a detailed description of your submission. Please use the UPA-provided templates to prepare this document. In addition, you will complete forms online with additional information. Submission must be 4-6 pages in length including key references.(3 MB maximum file size)  Please use the UPA-provided checklist!

And when you're done with that submit it online!

"" Benefits

Up to two facilitators per Advanced Topic Seminar will receive a 20% discount each on conference registration.

"" Advanced Topic Details

Advanced Topics Seminars are forums in which experienced usability professionals can discuss focused topics in more detail than at presentations or panels. These 90 minute seminars will occur during the main conference and are meant to accommodate about 20 people. The leaders of each seminar will present the advanced topic for about 30 minutes and then allow about 1 hour for discussion and debate.

 "" Advanced topic expectations

  • The Advanced Topics Seminars will require a high degree of interaction.
  • Seminar leaders must capture the results of the seminars and make them available on the UPA website, allowing for sharing and learning following the conference.
  • Advanced topics should be challenging and geared toward usability professionals with five or more years of experience in the field.

"" Examples of advanced topics might include:

  • Methods for evaluating speech-based systems
  • Experimental designs for competitive analysis
  • Assessing the validity of user interface inspections
  • Classic human factors evaluation methods that we don’t see used much
  • Methods for long-term (longitudinal) usability investigations
  • Using non-parametric statistics with small sample usability tests
  • Cognitive issues in the design of online surveys
  • Assessing the severity and likelihood of usability problems
  • What can I learn about usability from eye-tracking studies?

"" Advanced topic co-chair contact information

  • Chauncey Wilson, chaunsee@aol.com
  • Eugenie Bertus, eugenie_bertus@bmc.com
"" ""