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 UPA Conference 2005


"" Submission Information
All submissions must include a description and layout of the poster. Please use the UPA-provided template to prepare these documents. In addition, you will complete forms online with additional information when you submit your poster. Submission must be 3 pages minimum, 4 pages maximum, and include a description and conceptual layout of your poster (3 MB maximum file size).  Please use the UPA-provided checklist!

And when you're done with that submit it online!

"" Benefits
The primary poster presenter will receive a 20% discount on the conference registration. Also, you will have the chance to talk one-on-one with conference participants who are interested in your poster topic.

""Poster co-chair contact information


"" Poster activities if accepted

  • If you are accepted, you will be asked to confirm your participation
  • Once you confirm, you are expected to present your poster, or arrange for an equivalent substitute presenter
  • Provide a brief description and thumbnail picture of your poster for the web site and conference program
  • Provide a 3-4 page paper describing your poster for the Conference Proceedings

"" Poster format and layout
You will have a 4 foot high by 8 foot wide board on which to mount the poster. You will also have a table for materials you will use in your poster presentation.

"" Poster Revolution
Revolution - motion of any figure [or attendee] around a center or axis AND a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm. The UPA Poster Revolution is a set of spark plugs to get your imagine-engine going. At the UPA Poster Revolution, attendees will get an in-depth presentation of the UPA conference posters by the poster presenters, as well as the opportunity to discuss ideas with the presenters.

During this time, attendees will gather into groups around the posters that interest them most. Each presenter will then be given a set amount of time to talk about his or her poster, plus a few minutes of questions and answers. At the end of the timeslot, attendees will be directed to the next poster. After one revolution around the room, attendees may go back to any of the posters that intrigued or infuriated them and discuss with or argue about them with the presenters.

So come to the UPA Poster Revolution to get inspired, get informed, or just to find out what is happening in the mainstream and cutting edge of the usability profession. It will be a time to get much more comprehensive information about each poster than would be possible at the opening reception or the two 15 minute mini-sessions.

Just one revolution and you will definitely not end up where you began, at least as far as knowledge and viewpoint.

The Poster Revolution takes place during one of the Presentation sessions, and is an optional activity for poster presenters.

"" ""