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 UPA Conference 2005

Presentations and Panels

""Presentation & Panel Submission Information
All submissions must include a description of the presentation. Please use the UPA-provided presentation template or panel template. In addition, you will complete forms online with additional information when you submit your presentation or panel. Submission must be 4-6 pages (3 MB maximum file size). Please use the UPA-provided presentation checklist or panel checklist!

And when you're done with that submit it online!

The primary presenter, or the facilitator for a panel, receives a 20% discount on conference registration. Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts to multiple presenters at this time.


""Presentation & panel example submissions



Thank you to Kara Pernice Coyne, Cory Knobel, Carl Turner, Stephanie Rosenbaum, Tec-Ed, and Optavia Corporation for permission to use these examples.

""Presentation Session Details
No UPA conference presentations, papers or other sessions may demonstrate or publicize a commercially available product.

Presentation titles may not include product or company names. Presenters should refrain from any product endorsements.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact the conference co-chairs.

""Panel Session Details
Panels may be conducted in several ways, such as comparative, analytic, or historic. UPA recommends limiting panels to four members to allow ample time for discussion. Sessions are 90 minutes of which 30 to 45 minutes must involve audience interaction.


""Presentation & Panel expectations

  • The UPA expects all presentation sessions to include substantial time for audience participation.
  • Allow at least one-third to one-half of the time for discussion, exercises, or hands-on experience.

""Presentation & Panel co-chair contact information

"" ""