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 UPA Conference 2005

Submission Information and Benefits

""Submission Information
All submissions must include a description with examples of presentation, handout materials, and background information about the instructor(s). Please use the UPA-provided templates to prepare these documents. In addition, you will complete forms online with additional information when you submit your tutorial. See the section “Submitting Your Proposal” for additional information. Submission must be 4 pages minimum, 10 pages maximum, and include a representative example of handouts, e.g. 6-10 slides embedded in the proposal or a bullet-point list with brief description of the content of the slides and handouts.(1MB maximum file size) Please use the UPA-provided checklist!


UPA pays an honorarium to tutorial instructors.The pay scheduled is based on the number of registered participants.

Up to 30 registered participants receives the base rate of $1,000 for one full-day tutorial, $2,000 for a two-day tutorial, $500 for a half-day tutorial.

Between 31 and 50 participants receive the base rate plus an additional $75 for one day for each additional participant, $150 for two-day tutorials, $37.50 for evening tutorials.

Between 51 and 100 participants receive the base rate plus an additional $50 per tutorial day for each registered participant. ($100 for two-day tutorials and $25 for half-day tutorials.)

When tutorial enrollment falls below a break-even point (which may be in the general range of 5 to 10 participants), the tutorial may be subject to cancellation by UPA. If there is a minimum number of participants needed for an effective tutorial (perhaps a minimum needed to complete exercises), your submission should indicate acceptable minimums, and we will monitor this and keep you posted.

UPA provides printed copies of your tutorial booklet for participants.

UPA does not cover expenses for any other instructional materials, such as exercises and handouts.

Tutorial instructors do not receive free or discounted registration for the UPA conference.

If a tutorial has two or more instructors, the honorarium will be shared among them (unless otherwise arranged).

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