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 UPA Conference 2005

 UPA Conference Vendor Policy

Companies selling products or services are encouraged to present or participate in any presentation at UPA conferences, but they must refrain from direct advertising and endorsement of their products during these presentations. The following rules apply:

  • A commercially available product may only be demonstrated within the context of a case study, methodology, or the reporting of research findings during a conference session, and the presentation should be primarily delivered by a third party whose interest lies in the presentation of the case study, methodology, or reporting of research findings. Under no circumstances is a product to be demonstrated only for the benefit of making attendees aware of its capabilities.
  • Product pricing and ordering information is not permitted during sessions.
  • Presenters must refrain from any direct product endorsements.
  • Companies selling products or services have two opportunities to openly increase awareness of their brand, products, and services at conferences:  as a conference sponsor and as a conference exhibitor:
    • As a conference sponsor, a company may display their company name, products, and services on the conference web site, in printed conference materials, and with posted materials.
    • As a conference exhibitor, a company may display their company name and display, demonstrate, and sell their products, and services at a designated and purchased exhibitor booth during the conference.
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