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 UPA Conference 2005

Special Interest Groups

When - Wednesday night at 5:30 pm, Rooms - TBD (posted at Conference)

1. Convivial Design: Multicultural Teams Utilizing Collocated, Collaborative Interaction Design for Communities in Transition – Joi Roberts, Carmen Gillette, Jorgen P. K. Skageby, Katharina Schwarz, Nicole Schadewitz, and Anna Swartling

Usability professionals and scholars from 14 countries converged in Split, Croatia to participate in Convivio-3, an Interaction Design summer school. While reviewing the participants’ designs for this “community in transition,” we’ll examine various aspects of working in collaborative multicultural design teams and will propose consequent recommendations for design practice.

2. Card-Sorting: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? – Larry E. Wood & Thomas S. Tullis

Card-sorting has become one of the more commonly used tools in the bag of tricks that many interface designers call upon.   It is often used in any situation where the designer needs to get a better understanding of how users view the relationships among a number of objects, such as the pages of a prospective website.  But there are a variety of issues surrounding the use of card-sorting.  Some of those issues to be addressed in this SIG include when it makes sense to use card-sorting, the pros and cons of manual vs. online card-sorting as well as group vs. individual card-sorting, approaches to data analysis, the number of participants needed for valid data, and how to handle large numbers of cards.

3. World Usability Day - Elizabeth Rosenzweig

The UPA is organizing the first annual World Usability Day on November 3, 2005. This worldwide series of events will promote awareness of the benefits of usability.   Events can be organized by either professional or commercial organizations.  Come along to find out how to participate!

4. Usability Body of Knowledge - Nigel Bevan

For the past year a UPA project has been defining the structure for a usability Body of Knowledge and producing sample content.  Initial focus has been on documenting usability methods and organizational issues, and collecting information on usability curricula.   Come along to meet the committee and give your views.  Can you contribute?

5. Code of Conduct – Richard Bellaver

Join a meeting to discuss comments and ask questions about the proposed Code of Conduct.



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