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 UPA Conference 2005

Farès Chmait

“Building Bridges and Reducing Misconceptions”

In his uniquely interactive and often warmly humorous way, professional trainer Farès Chmait will open our conference by helping us to discover the importance of stereotypes and first impressions...

  • How accurate are they?
  • What do we base them on?
  • Why do we make them?
  • Who are we?
  • How do we create our comfort zones -- and our limitations.

We'll hear about reality perceived through our filters, the source of preconceived ideas and fears, and the impact of non-verbal communication. Farès will then conduct us toward solutions that include empathy and emotional intelligence and the magic of rapport. But he doesn't stop with these solutions; we'll go on to understand the benefits: how you can gain personal power in any situation, why you must stop being interesting and start being interested, and how to get richer by exploring and understanding different cultures.

Farès Chmait

Farès Chmait has 20 years of experience in training and consulting in sales, verbal and non-verbal communication, and customer service. He is also an expert in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a technique that can be used to improve communications skills for better business results. In 1972, he began to develop his unique and effective sales skills in Europe in the area of international trade. In 1986, he started to offer his services as a communications and sales consultant and training professional to companies in a variety of industries across Canada, including those in Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary. He has provided more than 8,000 hours of customized consulting and training to a wide array of clients, including Hudson’s Bay Company, Petro-Canada, and Coopers & Lybrand.

In 1989, Farès Chmait launched Impact-Pro, providing effective programs that allow clients to develop business, telemarketing and negotiation skills. To date, he has worked with clients in more than 20 countries and in four languages, allowing him to understand and respect cultural differences. His list of publications includes Au delà de la vente (“Beyond Selling”) in 1995, considered one of the best books on the role of communication techniques.


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