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UXPA Project on Developing the Profession


Part of the UXPA mission is to "increase the body of knowledge about usability and user-centered design through professional education, meetings and conventions and other professional interchanges."

The goal of creating this body of knowledge is an important part of building a profession, but it is not one that will be reached quickly. This group of projects addresses different building blocks towards this goal.

Work in 2001- 2002 resulted in a recommendation that placed a body of knowledge in the center of several activities, including defining a curriculum, identifying roles, creating a self-assessment tool, and, eventually, a certification.

Working model for the body of knowledge, showing the related elements (as described in the text)

Related to this, is the concept of a code of conduct for practitioners. In September 2005, the UXPA adopted a Code of Conduct.

Other projects that have been suggested under this umbrella are:

  • Create an annotated bibliography for getting started in UCD. This list of reading will help those just learning about the field find the best reading material.
  • Define roles for practicing UCD , and start work on creating sample job descriptions . This work will lead to additional professional development activities.
  • Identify critical readings, the common core of the professional literature.



There are several projects focused on different aspects of developing our profession and a body of knowledge about our work.

  • Body of Knowledge
    A project to create an authoritative source of reference and define the scope of the profession.
  • Code of Conduct
    This ethical code for UXPA members that expresses the profession's recognition of its responsibilities to the public, clients, employers, and colleagues was adopted in September 2005.
  • Certification Project (2001-2002)
    This project investigated the possibility of creating a certification for usability professionals



Articles and other publications relating to these projects.

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