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Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): Defining Heuristic Expertise

Shazeeye Kirmani

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1, November 2008, pp. 31-48

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Further research with a more diverse and larger group would help in sharpening the reliability of these results. Tighter controls on variables affecting heuristic expertise to measure definite impact on heuristic expertise will also increase reliability.


A special thanks to Intuit and Infosys Technologies Ltd. for sponsoring this competition. I would also like to thank Shanmugam Rajasekaran, Deepa Bachu, Amit Pande, Muthukumar, Anand Almal, Rajavel Manoharan, and Amit Bhatia for helping make the competition a success. Last but not least, I would like to thank the contestants who set aside valuable time and participated in the competition.

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