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International Standards for Usability Should Be More Widely Used

Nigel Bevan

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 4, Issue 3, May 2009, pp. 106-113

Article Contents

Is Cost an Obstacle?

Why have more people not used usability standards? One of the problems may be finding out where to buy standards and the cost. Even for ISO 13407, which is only 20 pages, the price is $110. It is incongruous that in an age of increasing free access to information, ISO standards remain expensive. Although the experts who write standards give their time free of charge, for national and international standards bodies, the sale of standards and associated services is their main form of income. So, international standards are not going to get any cheaper in the foreseeable future. However, buying a standard is still less expensive than trying to find out what the international consensus is yourself. International standards can be purchased as PDFs on the Web, either from ISO or your national standards body.

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