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User-Centered Design in Procured Software Implementations

Jen Hocko

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2011, pp. 60 - 74

Article Contents

Piloting a UCD-Infused Migration Process

The first significant migration project involved helping our System Services department migrate to SharePoint by working with them to design a new company-facing website. It was a simple project—simply a front-end to the department’s existing knowledge base and to the help system, where staff could request assistance with technical problems or questions. The author introduced and worked with the department’s project team to complete a typical user-centered design (UCD) process for the company-facing site:

  1. Assess the usability of the existing site through web statistics, surveys, and interviews.
  2. Translate the themes from the usability assessment into design goals.
  3. Brainstorm on design concepts and create possible design solutions.
  4. Conduct usability testing using paper and early SharePoint prototypes, and iterate on the designs as necessary.
  5. Finalize the implementation in SharePoint and release to staff.

After five months, the department project team, executive management team (including the CEO), and staff seemed pleased with the new SharePoint design (shown in Figure 2). The project was successful, though there were some inevitable challenges and lessons learned from going through the process the first time.

Figure 2

Figure 2. Systems Services’ company-facing site in SharePoint

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