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Inclusive Design Advisor: Understanding the Design Practice Before Developing Inclusivity Tools

Emilene Zitkus, Patrick Langdon, and P. John Clarkson

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2013, pp. 127 - 143

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The study highlighted the current way in which designers evaluate users’ requirement and how an inclusivity tool could be adapted to the design practice. Therefore, the findings indicate the need for future work in the following areas:

Based on this study, it seems to us that not all the designers consider the value of inclusive or universal design—the value being to promote independent living and to reduce frustration when using a product. Therefore, some of them are not fully motivated to sell the benefits of inclusive design to their clients.

In addition to educating and providing more information to the design industry, future research could evaluate the role of higher education institutions to see if the programs are teaching and promoting universal or inclusive design.


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