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User Experience and Accessibility: An Analysis of County Web Portals

Norman E. Youngblood and Susan A. Youngblood

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1, November 2013, pp. 25 - 41

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A number of the county sites have coding or designs that are behind the times in terms of standards and conventions, and these recommendations address this issue. Several of the criteria above may be rudimentary, yet some of the developers need to solve these rudimentary problems before we can widely and meaningfully address more nuanced criteria across county-level sites. For instance, the design of one county’s website, at the time of this writing, has been updated since the time of data collection, but the design still ignores basic usability principles. For further studies, we recommend that we build on existing studies of local government website quality to examine the following:

Once more local government sites meet rudimentary standards, we also recommend further examining the adoption and use of style sheets for mobile devices.


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