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April 2009

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UX Organizations: How to start and run a successful local group or chapter
(IA Summit 2009) Kyle Soucy and Nasir Barday presented at this year’s IA Summit on the importance of getting involved with a local UX organization, or the process of starting your own. Kyle and Nasir have experience starting, running, and organizing different industry groups, ranging from PhillyCHI, NHUPA, and NYC IxDA.

Of Interest:

World Usability Day – Event Registration Open
On November 12, 2009 World Usability Day will celebrate our 5th anniversary with over 200 annual events organized in 43 countries. Any organization or individual with a general interest in user-centered design, sustainability or related areas is invited to participate.
URL: http://www.worldusabilityday.org

UPA Member Discounts
All UPA members receive a 10 – 25% discount on towards different software vendors, conferences and services companies. For a complete listing, visit our members discount page at the following web page:
URL: http://www.upassoc.org/about_upa/membership/discounts.html

Chapter Events

Washington D.C. Metro UPA:
A Case Study in Contextual Inquiry for Biomedical Research w/ Scott McDaniel
(April 19) Scott McDaniel founded the DC Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication’s Usability SIG and later served as the DC UPA chapter’s Vice-President. Scott’s team at the National Institutes of Health conducted an extensive set of interviews with their users. This is the story of how they executed it and how they processed the results.

PhillyCHI | New Jersey UPA:
Bill Buxton: From the Materialistic to the Experiential
(April 21) Bill Buxton will talk about the transition from where we view design as primarily concerned with the material object (the device, dress, home, service, etc.) to a new state where our focus is on the experience that result from those same objects and services.
RSVP at: http://billbuxton.eventbrite.com

Northeast Ohio Chapter (NEOUPA):
Cognitive Crash Dummies: Where we are and where we're going
(April 23) In this talk, Dr. Bonnie John (Professor at CMU) will review the uses of cognitive models in system design and the current state of research and practice. She will also present some exciting new tools and research directions that promise to make predictive human performance modeling even more useful.

New Hampshire UPA:
Project 54 Open House w/Professor Andrew Kun
(April 29) Our meeting will feature an interactive open house at the UNH Car Simulator lab where Professor Andrew Kun will discuss Project54, a research and development project to introduce advanced technologies into the operations of the New Hampshire State Police and other law enforcement agencies.
RSVP at: info@nhupa.org

UPA Bookmarks:

The Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference
(April 27-30, Grand Hyatt San Francisco) At the Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference, the leading authors and practitioners in the Web design community will inspire, entertain, and train you in all the things you know you've been needing to learn—and even a few you didn't—from CSS, Ajax, and Web standards, to SEO, Web usability, interface design and more.

Opera Labs: Introducing Opera Face Gestures
(Roberto Mateu) Today, we introduce Face Gestures, a revolutionary technology designed to make interacting with your browser easier and simpler on computers with cameras. Face Gestures lets you perform frequent browsing operations with natural and easy to make face gestures. By using an internal technology dubbed Face Observation Opera Language, we are able to recognize pre-determined facial expressions and match them to commands on the Opera browser.

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Robert Skrobe
Editor - UPA Monthly

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