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July 2009

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Crafting Intuitive Designs That Are Not Only Usable But Delight Users w/Jared Spool
(July 15 - Usability NJ) - In this talk, Jared will show how users need both tool knowledge and domain knowledge to complete their tasks, how simple problems with designs can cause big problems for users and What successful teams are doing to create experiences that delight. Jared will show examples from Microsoft Word, MSN, Google Talk, Flickr, Avis, and many more.

Of Interest:

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Chapter Events

NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio):
2009 Conference Round up
(Wed, July 15) – Limited or no budget to attend an industry conference this year? Learn key takeaways first hand from recent event attendees from the UPA conference, South by Southwest, IA Summit, Internet User Experience, and more. Hope to see you there! Also, please register, so we know how much pizza to buy!

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Extending Game Design to Business Applications w/John Ferrara
(Thu, July 16) - This webinar will provide an overview of game interaction spaces, look at game design applied in real-world contexts, and survey useful interaction patterns found in games. This event will be of greatest interest to businesses seeking to create intensely involving user experiences for software or Web-based applications and to delight their customer base.

UPA DC-Metro:
What I Learned at the Usability Conferences—2009
(Tues, July 21) - There are several conferences each spring of interest to usability professionals, but deadlines and budgets may limit our ability to attend. Featured below are the panelists, comprising several local professionals, who will be sharing ideas and insights from the conferences that they attended in the first half of 2009. Join us for this interactive discussion!

DFW-UPA (Dallas-Fort Worth:
Liquid User Experience: Designing Content, Navigation, and Interactions for Highly Dynamic Sites w/Austin Govella
(Tues, July 21) - How do you create an effective user experience in the midst of rapid changes in users and content? In this presentation we’ll use a ton of real-world examples to understand the issues you need to keep in mind when creating highly dynamic websites, and we’ll walk away with checklists for managing ever-changing and inconstant content and users. Once we know how to think about and design liquid sites, we’ll look at some best practices for communicating multiple conditions and states to stakeholders and developers.

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Robert Skrobe
Editor - UPA Monthly

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