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May 2009

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Caroline Jarrett - Label placement in forms
(UPA UK, Cambridge) In this talk, Caroline will use eye-tracking data, and her many years experience of designing and testing forms, to give you ideas of where to put labels on forms and get us thinking about form details such as required field indicators and colons on labels.

Of Interest:

UPA-Boston's Eighth Annual Mini UPA Conference
Join us on Tuesday, May 26th for the eigth annual Boston Mini UPA conference at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. Hear and discuss critical topics in usability and user-centered design with practitioners, students, and experts in the field. Whether a newcomer, a seasoned usability professional, or member of a product team interested in usability, this conference offers unique content and one-of-a-kind learning opportunities.
URL: http://www.upaboston.org/miniconf09/index.shtml
Register: http://www.upaboston.org/miniconf09/register.shtml

Big (D)esign Conference | Dallas, Texas, USA
(May 30th, 2009) The Big Design Conference is an intense day of learning within the scope of Strategy, Social Media, User Experience, and Code Development. Experts from across the country will gather to present theories, research, experiences, and best practices to students, professionals, and executives looking to stay on the bleeding edge. The Big Design Conference is a joint venture of the Dallas/Fort Worth Usability Professionals’ Association, Refresh Dallas, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Interaction Design Association.
URL: http://bigdesignconference.com/
Register: http://bigdesignconference.com/register/

Chapter Events

Columbus UPA:
Getting to Next - R. Brian Stone Presentation
(May 14) Professor Stone will discuss how these gradual paradigm shifts are redefining and reshaping how we live and interact with information. He will outline some of the emerging issues of concern for the UX, Usability, and Interaction practitioner, and propose ways that we develop a proactive position in the development of new knowledge, usability standards, and interaction paradigms. In other words, how do we get to next?
RSVP at: http://www.upacolumbus.org/

NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio):
Consumer Health Information on the Web: The Relationship of Visual Design and Perceptions of Credibility
(May 20) - This presentation reports the results of a study that examined the relationship between people's visual design preferences and their judgments of credibility of information on consumer health information sites. Subjects were asked to rate their preferences for visual designs of 31 health information sites after a very brief viewing. The sites were then reordered and subjects rated them according to the extent to which they thought the information on the sites was credible.

Informative Links:

BBC News: Gadget jargon still confuses many
WAP, dongle, and cookie are some of the least understood words by the British public, according to a survey.

Cooper Journal - Is Interaction Design a dead-end job?
IDEO’s Bill Moggridge made a comment last week after a screening of Objectified that hit close to home. To paraphrase, he said interaction design has become pervasive, that anyone and everyone can be an interaction designer, and so the role of professional interaction designer is (or is becoming) unnecessary.

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