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November 2009

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World Usability Day is Coming!
November 12, 2009

UPA's World Usability Day 2009 is just around the corner! Is your local Chapter participating with local events on November 12? Have you registered your event, or need help promoting or registering your event?


UPA China presents User Friendly 2009: Nov 13-15
UPA China User Experience will feature speakers and campus activities in a national tour highlighting different related events at colleges and universities in China. Starting on September 22, we’ll begin at the Beijing Institute of Clothing, ending at Tongji University in Shanghai. The tour will also incorporate major cities throughout the country, including the well-known College of Design in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xian, Wuxi and other cities.

The event has attracted a total of nearly a thousand students and teachers to participate, where each site can receive the support and attention to students and teachers.

URL: UPA China - User Friendly 2009

World Usability Day (WUD) Light Bulb Project
Seoul Semiconductor, Inc. & Next Generation Lightining Supply have collaborated and are bringing sustainable technology to your door. Free light bulbs are the hot topic on the WUD website. Calculate the energy and money saved with LED lights.

Are you up for the challenge? Get a free LED light bulb sent to you and be a part of this global initiative. www.worldusabilityday.org.

Chapter Events

UPA Iowa:
Thursday, November 12 - World Usability Day Event - Iowa State's Interlock House
The theme of World Usability Day 2009 is Designing for a Sustainable World. Iowa State's entry in the recent Solar Decathlon in Washington D.C., Interlock House is a wonderful example of sustainable design with thoughtful and clever user interfaces. Please join us for what is sure to be a special presentation by Professor Ulrike Passe, Principal Investigator and Faculty Advisor Iowa State 2009 Solar Decathlon Team, and Director of the Center for Building Energy Research (CBER).

UPA Minnesota:
Thursday, November 12 - Traject: Behavior, Design, and Innovation in Sustainability
Speakers: Terry Gips, Dr. Christie Manning, Lester Shen, Patrick Thibaudeau, Curt McNamara, Brad Löhrding, Amy Douma
Wake up, shower, eat breakfast. Drive to work. Go to the hospital. These seemingly mundane, every day tasks are made up of decisions that impact sustainability in very real ways. The World Usability Day 2009: Designing for a Sustainable World event challenges the user experience community to use design and usability to improve sustainability efforts in our world. For the UPA MN event "Traject: Behavior, Design, and Innovation in Sustainability", we have lined up a great group of speakers focusing on how options on sustainability present themselves throughout the day.

New Jersey UPA and UPA Delaware Valley
Thursday, November 12 - Designing for a Sustainable World w/Jackie O’Neil, Director at e3bank, and Tanya Seaman, Co-Founder of PhillyCarShare.
(Philadelphia, PA) - Please join UPA Delaware Valley, PhillyCHI and UPA NJ for what promises to be another great learning and networking event. Program includes refreshments and networking.

UPA NYC (New York)
Thursday, November 12 - Designing for a Sustainable World, Presented by NYC UPA, IxDA, and SVA
Everywhere you look, companies are “going green”. But what does sustainability really mean? Where do design and sustainability intersect? And how can you tell the difference between blatant green washing and real innovation that inspires meaningful change?

Join us as we explore the challenge of sustainable design with leaders in social entrepreneurship, product design, and interaction design. These leaders will share their stories and their successes, and discuss how they have overcome obstacles to creating provocative and engaging new products. Connect and interact with like-minded colleagues over light refreshments.

NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio)
Thursday, November 12 - Celebrate World Usability Day 2009 with NEOUPA!
NEOUPA is planning an exciting event featuring presenters from American Greetings Interactive, Step2, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Ernst & Young, Progressive Insurance, Metrics Marketing, and more on a wide variety of topics, including: Design & Sustainability, Effective Error Messaging, Writing for the Web, Eye Tracking & Usability, Educating Internally on UX, Tools & Tricks for Effective Prototyping, The Value of Patterns for Business and IT

Join the celebration and enjoy food, networking, knowledge sharing, discounted top usability books available for purchase, free giveaways, and the chance to win over $400 in prizes.

TriUPA (North Carolina)
Thursday, November 12 - World Usability Day 2009 being co-sponsored by TriUPA and the Carolina HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) chapters.
For this year's event, we are approaching design from cradle to cradle. Coming from a user-centric perspective and looking beyond form and function, we are exploring the impact design has on our world. For this year's event we've lined up a great speaker and planned a killer design competition. See our website for more information.

Austin UPA
Thursday, November 12 - How User-Centered Design Drives Sustainability and Sustainable Living Idea Round-up
Focusing on usability and human-centered design results in sustainable systems, products and services designed to match a to user's needs and abilities to enhance their utilization, quality, and efficiency, thus providing cost effective solutions and reducing the likelihood that they will be rejected. Austin UPA and AustinUX are hosting a discussion on techniques and products that make sustainable living happen - in the office, in education, and in the home.

DFW UPA (Dallas)
Thursday, November 12 - WUD Celebration at Sabre
DFW-UPA hosts its annual World Usability Day celebration at Sabre with keynote speaker, Nathan Shedroff. Plus, visitors can join us at the WUD Trade Show, where we will have 25 interactive booths. Several companies will be joining us, including Microsoft, North Texas Clean Air Coalition, CoHabitat, Travelocity, and many more.

FLUPA (France, Luxembourg)
Thursday, November 12 - Event FLUPA - World Usability - Usability and Sustainable Development
Consider the usability and sustainable development is to seek to understand how to adapt technologies to their users can create change human behavior and practices for a world more livable. Under Day World Usability, which this year has the theme "A Sustainable World", the association organizes FLUP great evening meetings and discussions around 4 presentations.

UPA Israel
Thursday, November 12 - The World Usability Day
This event aims to promote awareness of user needs technology products, computer software, applications and web sites. This is the fifth year in about 40 countries around the world, excellence in Israel, by organizing the Usability Professionals Israeli UPA Israel, affiliated to UPA World. Two lectures at the conference will be dedicated to the Israeli annual global issue - Design for Sustainability

UPA Turkey
Thursday, November 12 - World Usability Day
Organized and supported by UTRLAB, we’ll be happy to see you attend for a half day seminary on usability, followed by a half day of training on heuristic evaluations.

"Availability of a product by potential users, within the context of a particular use of the intended use to achieve their goals, how effective, efficient and satisfactory use ..."

UPA Italia
Thursday, November 12 - World Usability Day in Milan
The World Usability Day 2009 in Milan will be held from 9:30 to 18 at the Palace of starlets in Milan.

The program is not yet final, but provides for international action, such as a lecture given by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) or the CEO of the California WideTag Inc. In the afternoon there will also be one round table on "The role of ergonomics in sustainable development." The public will be invited to participate in this debate. Coffee breaks and lunch will allow participants to discuss freely on the proposed themes.

German UPA
Thursday, November 12 - World Usability Day
The german track for World Usability Day will feature events in multiple cities all around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please visit the website for a complete listing of participating cities, and sponsors for this year’s WUD in Germany

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