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July 2010

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Featured Event for July


Austin UPA
The ROI of UX: Proving the Value of User Experience Design w/Erin Young
Tuesday, July 6

Exhausted by clients who expect to see comps in Week 1? Frustrated by stakeholders who can find budget for anything but user research? Whether in-house, agency-side or independent, UX consultants everywhere face challenges when securing budget and gaining respect as trusted advisors. In this session, Erin Young will discuss what to do and what not to do to prove your value to clients and earn their appreciation.

News and Promotions

World Usability Day 2010 – 6th year anniversary
Usability and Communications
November 11, 2010

Elizabeth Rosenzweig – Founder/Director, eliz@worldusabilityday.org
Amy K. Ballard – Project Manager, wud@usabilityprofessionals.org

(July 5) NUX: Exploring Users’ Values, Motivations and Emotions in Requirement Analysis w/Sarah Thew
Manchester, England - Requirements Elicitation is a technical and analytical process, but it is also a highly social and potentially emotive activity. Sarah Thew has been exploring this during her PhD, carrying out a series of interviews with novice and experienced analysts investigating if and how they consider users’ values, motivations and emotions. These interviews contributed to the development of a method to support analysts in considering and exploring values, motivations and emotions during the requirements elicitation process, which she is currently evaluating.

(July 7-10) IWIPS 2010 - Growing Global Design Communities
London, England via UPA UK - IWIPS 2010 will explore the issues of Growing Global Design Communities. These communities offer the possibilities for technology to transcend cultural boundaries and meet the challenges presented when developing products for a global marketplace.

(Jul 26-31) University of Michigan Human Factors Short Course
Ann Arbor, MI - The University of Michigan will be offering our 51st year of our two-week short course on human factors. If you are interested in human factors, ergonomics, human-computer interaction, or usability, this course will give you the opportunity to get some excellent training from experts in the field.

Do you wish there was a chapter in your local area? You may not be alone!
Get in touch with Carol Smith at chapters2010@usabilityprofessionals.org to learn about what it takes to start a local chapter and whether there are other people in your area who have expressed interest.

UPA Event Calendar:

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Thursday, July 15 - Remote Usability Testing with Nate Bolt
Event information TBD. Check the web link above for updates.

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Thursday, July 15 - Healthcare Part 2: A Human Factors Approach to Patient Queuing in a Children’s Clinic
Human Factors is a science that enables us to better understand how people interact with products, places, processes, and other people. To follow up on previous talks on healthcare and human information processing, please join Naomi Glasscock and Teri Brooks for an interactive presentation entitled “Healthcare Part 2: A Human Factors Approach to Patient Queuing in a Children’s Clinic.”

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Tuesday, July 20 - Social Event: UX Trivia Night
Bringing back the wildly popular UX Trivia Night for 2010! Site and exact date TBD... but it will be held sometime in July. If you have any juicy questions to contribute, please send them to prcarter@mindspring.com.

NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio):
Tuesday, July 20 - Designing for Tablet Users: The New Paradigm Progressive Insurance
(Mayfield Village, OH) - The tablet platform with it’s easy-to-use operating systems, rich graphical environments and responsive hardware will fundamentally alter our relationship with technology. This pending paradigm shift to tablet devices over the next few years will have a profound impact on the user experience. Dan Young, founder and principal of DXY Solutions, will review the history of mobile platforms, provide a glimpse into the future and elaborate on how to prepare for the future of computing. .

CT UPA (Connecticut):
Thursday, July 22 - Website Design Slam
(Glastonbury, CT) - The July meeting of the Usability Professionals' Association of CT will consist of a Design Slam where we will provide design recommendations for a local not-for-profit website. This exercise gives meeting participants a chance to share their techniques, ideas, and points of view with others. This is a chance for interested participants to get their hands dirty working side by side with colleagues from around the area as they tackle tough business problems.

DFW UPA (Dallas/Fort Worth):
Saturday, July 24 - Intro to ActionScript 3.0 Workshop
Earlier in the year, Dave introduced Flash as a platform as well as basic animation techniques. For his next act, Dave will continue the Flash series by introducing ActionScript 3.0. ActionScript is a powerful programming environment within Flash which adds interaction to your projects. As a disclaimer, some basic knowledge of Flash (movieclips, symbols, and motion tweens) is assumed and will not be covered. If you are interested in taking your Flash projects to the next level, be sure check out this inexpensive workshop.

UPA DC Metro:
Friday, July 30 - Six Workshops to Enhance your Usability Knowledge
(Silver Spring, MD) - Sessions include:

  1. How do you know what your audience really wants w/Ahava R. Leibtag,
  2. Writing for the Web, Best Practices for Eye Tracking in User Experience Research w/Wilkey Wong,
  3. Getting Started Conducting User Research w/Carol Smith,
  4. Love Your Logs: Easy and cost-effective user insights w/Andrew Stevens
  5. Introduction to Accessibility w/Cory Lebson and
  6. Usability Testing with Remotely Located Users w/Dick Horst and Mark Becker

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