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UPA Monthly: May 2007

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In This Edition

Usability in the News

Staples focuses on usability with strong results (DMNews, 24 Mar 2007)
"It's important to live through your customers' eyes" and not just speculate about how customers are reacting to the brand experience or rely on surveys, Mr. Hynes said.

Usability & Domain Names (webpronews.conm, 20 March 2007)
Anyway I just thought this was important to bring up since so many SEOs and marketers seem to be getting into domaining. Don't forget about usability!

ABC: An Introduction to Agile Programming (CIO, 28 Mar 2007)
Businesses need a way to reduce development costs, improve software reliability, decrease time to development and ensure applications actually work with the users, rather than against them.

IBM helps blind 'see' web video (BBC News, 30 Mar 2007)
The A-Browser will give blind and partially-sighted people the same control over multimedia content that sighted people have using a mouse.

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Chapter News

UPA China (HK) Event: Usability in Practice Revamp of a Travel Web Site
26 Aprl 2007

UPA-Boston's Sixth Annual Mini UPA Conference
Hear and discuss critical topics in usability and user-centered design with practitioners, students, and experts in the field. Whether a newcomer, a seasoned usability professional, or member of a product team interested in usability, this conference offers unique content and learning opportunities.

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UPA News

Students and Young Professionals:
UPA is planning a new web site section for Educational Resources. Interested to share non-proprietary course material, lessons, business cases, studies etc that would benefit new people entering the Usability profession?
Contact: Peter Picone at students2007@usabilityprofessionals.org

UPA 2007 Conference
Join us for the UPA 2007 Conference in Austin, Texas
June 11 - 15, 2007

LinkedIn Networking Among UPA Members and More
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UPA Publications

User Experience Magazine: Volume 6, Issue 1, 2007

UPA 2007: Letter to Your Supervisor

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Save the Date

UPA 2007
June 11-15, 2007
Austin, Texas US
Patterns: Blueprints for usability

World Usability Day
November 8, 2007

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