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UPA Monthly: June 2007

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In This Edition

Usability in the News

Motion-sensitive laptop developed (BBC News, 30 April 2007)
"The tablet PC laptop has been adapted to respond to a user when moving the machine up or down, side to side, or forwards and backwards."

Who Says Usability Isn't Funny? (webpronews.com, 9 March 2007)
"I tend to simplify things. It's a habit. I'm not good with doctorate-speak. For me, user centered design is an invitation to explore further. It's no different than spending an hour on your hair, or finding the perfect clothing that shows off your hotness. Everytime you want something from somebody, you will do something to first attract (marketing, search engine optimziation, advertising) and then deliver your "product" once you snare your visitors (value proposition, limited sale item, accessible website)."

How to boost user experience (Freelance UK, 9 March 2007)
"User Experience is the full range of thoughts, feelings, needs, values, perceptions, abilities, and goals people bring to your product or service, and then experience while using it."

Usability — Not User-Friendliness — Is The Key To ERP Success (IndustryWeek, 18 April 2007)
"Buyers of manufacturing software have been looking for the "holy grail" of user-friendliness for years. User-friendliness is a frequent discussion topic when companies evaluate enterprise resource planning (ERP) but it is one of those things nobody can really define, but everybody knows it when they see it."

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Chapter News

UPA Russia Chapter - New Chapter
Congratulations to Dmitry Satin (president) and council.

UPA Singapore Chapter- New Council Vote
Congratulations to Yuan Fu Qiu (president) and the new council on a successful vote & kick off meeting. Usability specialists from different companies gathered together, shared their ideas, talked about the history of UPA and the exicting future ahead.

UPA looks forward to a positive, vibrant future for the Usability community in Russia & Singapore.

UPA Delaware Valley event
Localization. It's big in Japan – Presented by Jon Ashley at the UPA Delaware Valley event on April 5th, 2007. What do you recommend to your global client who's acquired a Japanese division? It was hard enough to get US employees to go along with HR changes–but now you're also working against cultural norms. Don't just translate your intranet siteŚlocalize it!

Photo of the Month
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Chapters in Formation

  • USA – Florida – Southern Florida
  • USA – Georgia – Atlanta and Columbus
  • USA – Wisconsin
  • India – Bangalore
  • Australia – Sydney

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UPA News

UPA 2007 - June 11-15, 2007, Austin, Texas US
Patterns: Blueprints for usability
See you there!

Students and Young Professionals:
UPA is planning a new web site section for Educational Resources. Interested to share non-proprietary course material, lessons, business cases, studies etc that would benefit new people entering the Usability profession?
Contact: Peter Picone at students2007@usabilityprofessionals.org

LinkedIn Networking Among UPA Members and More
Do you want to find quickly and easily other UPA members with similar backgrounds and needs? Join us on LinkedIn today.

Learn more about your Board of Directors

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UPA Publications

** UXMagazine now ONLINE for UPA members **
(thanks Whitney Quesenbery!)
See: Volume 6, Issue 1, 2007
See: Issues Index
UPA will also be working to post older issues

The UPA Voice
Design for Life Cycle - By Caroline Hayes

The UPA Voice
There must be many I's in today's small UX teams: Jared Spool at NYC UPA - By Richard Herring

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Contact: publications@usabilityprofessionals.org

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Save the Date

UPA 2007
June 11-15, 2007
Austin, Texas US
Patterns: Blueprints for usability

World Usability Day
November 8, 2007

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Thanks to Our Contributors

  • Melanie Rousseau (Québec Chapter), French
  • Silvia Zimmermann (Swiss Chapter), German
  • Alberto Lacalle (Spanish Chapter), Spanish
  • Michele Visciola (UPA Italia), Italian
  • Adriana Betiol (Brazil Chapter), Portuguese
  • Yaniv Michaeli (UPA Israel), Hebrew
  • Natasha Voynarovskaya (UPA Russia), Russian
  • Daniel Szuc (UPA China-Hong Kong), English, News scout
  • Natalia Minibayeva (DelVal Chapter), Web Editor

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