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UPA Monthly: October 2007

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Usability in the News

Hide the Button: Steve Jobs Has His Finger on It (The Wall Street Journal, 25 July 2007)
"The new Apple cellphone famously does without the keypads that adorn its rivals. Instead, it offers a touch-sensing screen for making phone calls and tapping out emails. The resulting look is one of the sparest ever for Apple, a company known for minimalist gadgets."

Police excuse angry computer user for outburst (Reuters, 17 July 2007)
"Asked what had driven him to the night-time outburst, the 51-year-old man said he had simply got annoyed with his computer."

Time to Rethink Your Relationship With End Users (CIO, 24 July 2007)
"This view of end users as little more than self-centered children is not unusual. However, a transformation is occurring that should cause us to reconsider our views. From relative ignorance, end users are becoming increasingly IT savvy—able not only to use technology but also able to develop their own solutions. Shadow systems—those that replicate the data and functionality of formally sanctioned systems—are a testament to this ability."

Internet users unaware of services, features (iTWorldCanada, 24 July 2007)
"A study that indicates that lack of awareness and poor usability are the key barriers to a user's adoption of Internet services from ISPs may provide some relevance to IT managers."

Government websites 'too complex' (BBC News, 12 July 2007)
"Many government websites are still too complicated and difficult to use, says the National Audit Office. While services like online road tax renewal are very popular, other sites such as HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), are too complex, the report said."

Why user testing is crucial for Web design (DigitalArts, 20 June 2007)
"The main one is to make sure you've done some user testing. Bring people in and have them use the thing while you watch. That's the best practice. Do that throughout the design cycle. Start doing it early. Don't wait until you have a finished new design."

Get Me The Geeks! (CBS News, 9 Sept 2007)
"We are becoming slaves to our own technology - addicted to and dependent upon all sorts of beeping, flashing gadgetry that is supposed to make our lives easier."

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Chapter News

UPA-DC Metro Chapter - Second Annual Conference - Call for Participation
Washington, DC on 12 Oct 2007
User Focus: A one day exchange of ideas and experiences that demonstrate the value of usability in successful design The DC Metro Chapter of UPA invites you to its second annual conference at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.
Contact: conference@upa-dc-metro.org

Friday, Oct. 19, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the IMC2 offices
Classic business models are threatened—the economics of competition have changed. Quality, efficiency and price are quickly matched. Being different requires flexibility—it's squishy. Squishy seems to imply risk. This is the conundrum of the balance between science and art—a balance readily facilitated by Design Thinking, fundamentals for strategic business differentiation. This is THE event to attend in order to gain an overview of the design landscape across major DFW businesses. Join important conversations in a Half-Day-Plus exchange of ideas.

User Experience Russia – 2007
The first annual conference in Russia dedicated to usability of information technologies
November 8 -10, 2007
Contact: org@userexp.ru

User Friendly 2007
The theme of 2007 is Connecting User Experience Communities.
November 23-25, 2007

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UPA News

UPA 2008 Conference - "The Many Faces of User Experience: Usability through Holistic Practice"
The conference will take place at the beautiful Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland, June 16-20, 2008.

UPA 2008 Call for Participation Deadline Extended
UPA is extending the deadline for conference proposal submissions to October 15, 2007.
Submit a proposal
Questions: Eva Gaumond

UPA 2008 Conference Reviewers Needed
The UPA 2008 Conference Committee is looking for practicing usability specialists to review proposals for the 2008 conference.

UPA 2007 Salary Survey Now Open
Every two years the UPA surveys user experience professionals to attain in-depth data about the development of the user experience field. The survey is anonymous and open to all user experience professionals, not just UPA members. The report is freely available to all, and will be ready in approximately three months.
Take the survey
Learn more about the UPA Salary Survey Project (PDF)

Mentoring Program
The Student and Young Professionals Mentoring program continues to pick up momentum with a number of applicants already seeking mentors. If you are interested in giving back to the community, becoming a Peer Mentor or if you are looking for a mentor, please take a closer look at the program and sign up.

UPA Board of Directors Elections
A reminder to all candidates who are pursuing a position on the upcoming UPA Board of Directors for 2008.
The deadline for submitting your paperwork is October 12, 2007.
Contact: elections2007@usabilityprofessionals.org

User Friendly 2007
The theme of 2007 is Connecting User Experience Communities.
November 23-23, 2007

UPA Europe 2008
The first European regional conference of the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) will take place in Torino, Italy, named the 2008 World Design Capital. Hundreds of designers and usability specialists are expected to attend.

LINKEDIN – Networking among UPA members and more
Do you want to find quickly and easily other UPA members with similar backgrounds and needs? Join us on LinkedIn today.

Learn more about your Board of Directors.

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UPA Publications

UPA - Voice August, 2007
Chinese Home Site Visits – Tips & Hints by Josephine Wong

UPA - Journal of Usability Studies - August 2007: Volume 2, Issue 4
Making Usability Recommendations Useful and Usable
Authors: Rolf Molich, Robin Jeffries, Joseph Dumas

Want to write an article for a UPA publications?
Contact: publications@usabilityprofessionals.org

Want to advertise in a UPA publication?
Contact: assocdir@usabilityprofessionals.org

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Save the Date

World Usability Day
November 8, 2007

User Friendly 2007
November 23-25, 2007

UPA Announces 2008 International Usability Conference
"The Many Faces of User Experience: Usability through Holistic Practice"
Baltimore, Maryland, June 16-20, 2008

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Thanks to Our Contributors

  • Melanie Rousseau (Québec Chapter), French
  • Silvia Zimmermann (Swiss Chapter), German
  • Alberto Lacalle (Spanish Chapter), Spanish
  • Michele Visciola (UPA Italia), Italian
  • Adriana Betiol (Brazil Chapter), Portuguese
  • Yaniv Michaeli (UPA Israel), Hebrew
  • Natasha Voynarovskaya (UPA Russia), Russian
  • Denny Huang (UPA China), Chinese
  • Tadashi Kobayashi (HCD-Net), Toyohiro Kanayama (UPA), Japanese
  • Daniel Szuc (UPA China-Hong Kong), English, News scout

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