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August 2010

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Featured Event for August


NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio)
Adaptive Interfaces, Live Video Help and more… w/Marc Canter
Tuesday, August 17

(Mayfield Village, Ohio) - Come and hear Marc Canter, CEO of Digital City Mechanics, and founder of the company that became Macromedia, share his insights about new user centered tools and interfaces that are sure to be game-changers. From adaptive user interfaces that bend to the needs of the user, to live video help that forces greater honesty (or better "trained" operators), join a fascinating conversation about the future of the web.

News and Promotions

World Usability Day 2010 – 6th year anniversary
Usability and Communications
November 11, 2010

  • November 11 may seem like a long time away, but the WUD staff is already hard at work promoting it and we want to feature some of the upcoming programs in the media. Are you planning a newsworthy event? Want to see your World Usability Day program featured? Register your event today for FREE!
  • Potential sponsors: WUD presents great opportunities for you to get your brand in front of more than 40,000 usability professionals. Become a WUD sponsor today. Sponsor a video featuring Honorary Chairman John Hockenberry and receive recognition on the video. Sponsor T-shirts for volunteers. For all of the benefits of sponsorship, go to the World Usability Day website. Help ensure that people around the globe live to their full potential and create a better world for people everywhere.
  • Are you communicating? Follow us on Twitter @UPA_WUD and on Facebook’s group page.
  • We want to know how you communicate. Email wud@worldusabilityday.org and tell us your story. Your event may get featured on our website.

Elizabeth Rosenzweig – Founder/Director, eliz@worldusabilityday.org
Amy K. Ballard – Project Manager, wud@worldusabilityday.org

(Sept 12-15) Interactive Track at UPA German cultures (Interaktive Kulturen)
Duisberg, Germany - The German UPA usability professionals invites practitioners to their track, "Professionalization and Qualification", at the Interactive cultures (Interactive Cultures) conference from September 12 to 15 th, 2010, in Duisburg, Germany. The conference explores connections between cultures, interactive digital media and culture by combining three events: DeLFI 2010, the 10th annual People & Computers (Human & Computer) conference, and a track on entertainment interfaces. Over 600 attendees will attend this German-language conference, which will take place at the European Capital of Culture, the Ruhr Metropolis.

Do you wish there was a chapter in your local area? You may not be alone!
Get in touch with Carol Smith at chapters2010@usabilityprofessionals.org to learn about what it takes to start a local chapter and whether there are other people in your area who have expressed interest.

UXPA Event Calendar:

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Thursday, August 5 - Webinar: Storytelling For UX With Whitney Quesenbery
(Durham, NC) - You have a great design idea that will positively tackle many of your project's goals. Now you need to convince your boss it's the right approach, help your team understand why it's the right decision, and show your customer how this design will pay dividends. No small task. Fortunately, you can accomplish all of that and more with storytelling. Whitney Quesenbery, user experience expert and master storyteller, will teach you how to craft and tell your own unique stories to improve your designs.

UPA DC Metro:
Wednesday, August 18 - Eye Tracking in User Experience Design: 4 Speakers + Dinner
(Bethesda, MD) - UPA-DC and HFES-Potomac Chapter invite you to attend an evening of dinner, networking and exciting eye-tracking discussions! Being held at the Positano's Restaurant in Bethesda, MD, our sessions include:

  1. Beyond the Heatmap: An Overview of the Capabilities of Today’s Eye Tracking Solutions w/Jennifer Knodler
  2. Developing a Real-Time Eye Tracking System for Predicting Postcompletion Errors w/Raj Ratwani
  3. Using Eye Tracking to Assess Users' Attention and Information Processing: The Dos and The Don'ts w/Matt Peterson
  4. Reading Patterns for Expert and Lower Literacy Readers: Implications for Content Design w/Kathryn Summers

UPA Iowa:
Friday, August 20 - August Meeting: Russ Unger (A Look Behind the Design Process)
(Des Moines, Iowa) - This presentation takes a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at Happy Cog's processes, including: research, IA/interaction design, wireframing/prototyping and visual design. Audience members will have an opportunity to see the various work product and processes of 4 designers—–each using different tools to tackle the same problem, from requirements to visual design.

NYC UPA (New York):
Tuesday, August 24 - UPA Conference Redux - Google Discovers a Better Way to Share Research w/Tomer Sharon & John Webb
(New York, NY) - In case you missed the international UPA conference in Munich, we’re pleased to bring a part of the conference to you. Research informs product workflows and designs, and uncovers hidden design problems product managers never thought about. But all to often, research is given short shrift. Google UX researchers Tomer Sharon and John Webb will show you a technique called an Expo, which will help you boost the acceptance of your research.

DFW-UPA (Dallas, Texas):
Tuesday, August 24 - 2010 UPA Conference Redux
(Dallas, TX) - For those of you who were unable to make the conference circuit this year, we will have an informal panel of speakers covering what they heard at the different conferences this year. Come out and get brought up to speed. The meeting will occur at the Microsoft campus in Las Colinas.

TriUPA (North Carolina):
Thursday, August 26 - Online Persuasion with Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
Event details TBA

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This is my last issue as Editor!

Thanks for visiting the UPA Monthly over the past year and a half, and the support all of you have given throughout my volunteer tenure here. It's been fun!

Robert Skrobe
Editor - UPA Monthly

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