2000 UPA Member Profile and Salary Survey



The development, administration and analysis of the 2000 UPA Member Profile and Salary survey was accomplished by a few members of the UPA who volunteered for this effort. The objectives of the survey, the survey questions, and the results were reviewed by other members of the UPA, as well as by the UPA Board of Directors.

The survey was administered through the Web using a company called Zoomerang. Zoomerang is a Web-based survey service that allows businesses and individuals to conduct surveys online. All 1,490 UPA members received an e-mail inviting them to visit the Zoomerang site to participate in the survey. 573 members participated, for a response rate of 38%.


Below are detailed percentage responses to the survey questions.

1. What is your gender?


2. What is your age range?

18 - 255%
26 - 3542%
36 - 4533%
56 - 6516%

3. Indicate your highest degree obtained.

High School2%
Associate 2%
Bachelor's 40%
Master's 42%
Ph.D. 15%

4. Select the description that best describes your highest degree.

HCI, Human Factors 16%
Cognitive Psychology11%
Computer Science10%
Business Administration, Management8%
Experimental Psychology 8%
Technical Communication 7%
Other Sciences 6%
Social Sciences6%
Fine Arts 5%

5. Select your job classification.

Full-time employee87%
Part-time employee 2%
Student 1%
Other 0%

6. Select your organization type.

Software Company 28%
Consulting firm26%
Telecommunications 8%
Banking, Financial6%
Consumer Product5%
College, University3%
Design Firm3%
Content Provider, Media2%
Government, military2%
Healthcare, Medical2%
Private research firm1%
Aerospace 0%

7. What is your employment level?

Entry 5%
Mid-level, non-supervisory 30%
Mid-level, supervisory17%
Senior-level, non-supervisory30%
Senior-level, supervisory 17%

8. Of the following options, which one best describes your current position?

Usability Practitioner48%
Interface Designer21%
Manager (within a software development area)7%
Manager (not in a software development area)6%
Technical Writer5%
Business Analyst2%
Technical Analyst2%
Graphic Designer1%

9. Select the primary U.S. location in which you work. (491 respondents answered this question.)

West 29%
Midwest 20%
Southeast 14%
Southwest 9%

10. Select the primary place you work if outside the U.S. (75 respondents answered this question.)

Canada 32%
Sweden 22%
UK 15%
Other 9%
Germany 6%
Australia 6%
The Netherlands 3%
France 2%
Norway 1%
Switzerland 1%
Japan 1%
Finland 1%
India 1%
Denmark 0%
New Zealand 0%
Portugal 0%
Brazil 0%
Czech Republic 0%
Israel 0%
Hong Kong 0%

11. I would describe myself as:

Not very technical 2%
Below average technical 12%
Technical 37%
Above-average technical 37%
Very technical 13%

12. Approximately what percent of your job is Usability, HCI, User Interaction, or Human Factors related?

Zero percent of job is Usability, etc. 1%
Twenty-five percent of job is Usability, etc. 11%
Fifty percent of job is Usability, etc. 15%
Seventy-five percent of job is Usability, etc. 23%
One hundred percent of job is Usability, etc. 50%

13. Please select the following tools, techniques, or activities that you perform or use in your job. (Select all that apply.)

Usability evaluations with real users 87%
Task analysis and/or requirements gathering 86%
Design sessions with development teams 79%
Interface design 78%
Heuristic or expert reviews 76%
Low fidelity prototyping 75%
Surveys 59%
Cognitive walkthroughs 50%
Post-release analysis 50%
Focus groups 46%
Contextual inquiries 43%
Other 17%
None of the above 1%

14. How long have you worked in the field of Usability, HCI, User Interaction, or Human Factors?

0 -1 year 13%
2 - 4 years 33%
5 - 7 years 22%
8 - 10 years 9%
11 - 15 years 13%
16 - 20 years 5%
20+years 4%
N/A 1%

15. How long has your company had formal positions for Usability, HCI, User Interaction, or Human Factors professionals?

0 -1 year 21%
2 - 4 years 27%
5 - 7 years 16%
8 - 10 years 7%
10+ years 17%
None of the above: 13%
(my company does not have formal positions)

16. What is your current salary (in US dollars before bonus, benefits, and taxes)? (Includes all respondents.)

Highest Salary $250,000
Average Salary $ 74,838
Lowest Salary $ 16,800

17. How do you feel about your current salary?

I'm underpaid 30%
I'm fairly compensated 57%
I'm overpaid 1%
I'm not really sure 12%

18. In addition to the UPA, what other professional organizations are you a member of? (Select all that apply.)

ACM 28%
HFES 27%
STC 21%
Internet Technical Group 6%
The Ergonomics Society 2%
British HCI Group 1%
Other 28%

19. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the UPA.

Extremely unsatisfied 1%
Unsatisfied 8%
Satisfied 78%
Extremely satisfied 13%

20. Are there any suggestions you have for the UPA to improve its value as a professional organization? The Board would like to thank all of the respondents to this question, all totaled, we received 155 comments. They included encouragement to continue some of our practices, especially noted was the high satisfaction with the conference, some encouraging new ideas and some asking for changes.

We categorized these responses into the following areas:

1. Professional Development

2. Web site enhancements - more information, more resources.

3. Strengthen our focus on other aspects of Usability than testing.

These comments were used to help craft the Board's objectives for the year 2001. Given we get the support of our membership to help make these happen, our goals include:

UPA is a volunteer organization. If you would like to contribute to any of the programs above, we'd love to hear from you. Without volunteers, our progress will be much slower. Please contact Michele.Liebman@edwardjones.com if you would like to help.

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