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How UPA Operates

As with most professional organizations, UPA is run by volunteers, with the assistance of an executive director who is hired to provide day to day support.  

UPA is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership.  Members of the Board serve for a period of three years. The Board elects officers including the President, Secretary and Treasurer.  (Click here to see a listing of the current Board members).

The Board meets by telephone every month and face-to-face twice a year; once in January and once at the Annual Conference.

Each Board member has responsibility for a specific area or one or more committees.  The committees are staffed by volunteers from the membership.  (That's why we need you to volunteer).

The Board has adopted a strategic plan.   here are the broad goals:

Ensure financial stability
Increase membership
Establish and support UPA Chapters
Establish a strong web site
Create a new member communication (this is it!)
Seek additional sponsorship support
Add more advanced topics to the annual conference
Develop volunteer leadership
Develop regional training

The Board actively seeks input regarding the specific goals and priorities.  And welcomes your participation in making it happen.

Have a comment?  Email us: upavoice@upassoc.org