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Charles B. Kreitzberg, Editor

This is the second issue of the UPA Voice.  It's a bit later than I had hoped -- some summer fun and your editor's wedding conspired to slow down production.  Thanks to those of you who shared ideas and comments on the first issue.  

With this issue, we are launching the UPA Voice discussion group.  The discussion group is a forum for conversation among members and between the membership and the Board.  It is central to the vision of this publication as a catalyst for conversation among the membership and the Board. 

To join, read our policies and visit the sign-up page.  You may elect to get messages as a single daily summary which reduces email volume.

Many of you are members of UTEST, a most valuable resource for the usability community.  You may wonder how this list will complement the services that UTEST provides.  The answer is that the UPA Voice list is intended to be a discussion forum for, and about, UPA.  UTEST, on the other hand, has a mission to  promote new usability testing methodologies, increase general knowledge of HCI practices and foster professional interchanges among usability professionals.  There should be little overlap among the two lists.

Join today and help make the UPA Voice a truly interactive publication.


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