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Janice James

UPA now has two publications: Common Ground and the UPA Voice as well a web site. What are their missions and how do they differ?

Common Ground is published four times a year. It focuses on discussions of the practices of the profession, best practices, case studies, and methodologies. The information in Common Ground is "dateless" in that it is likely to be of interest to the membership long after the issue is published.

Common Ground is published in hard copy.

The UPA Voice is published six times a year. It is a vehicle for pushing timely Association-specific information to members. Its purpose is to inform members about association and board issues, chapter information that is timely, and other issues that have a short shelf-life, such as special events and other dated material.

The Voice is distributed electronically.

The UPA Website is a container of the information offered in the above two vehicles, plus an offering of resources and tools, an archive. The Website's audiences include UPA members and the public. One of one of its purposes is to increase awareness of UPA activities among the public.

If you'd like to contribute to Common Ground, contact JoAnn Hackos at joann.hackos@comtech-serv.com.

For ideas for the website or to volunteer on the Website Committee, contact Chuck Harrison at Charles_Harrison@bmc.com or Shane Melton at smelton@lgc.com



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